People tend to put their trust in big businesses over small companies. This is because people assume big companies generally have more resources and more experience and are therefore better equipped. As a small startup, it can be difficult competing with these larger companies – you may find no-one is willing to give you a chance. However, by making your company seem reputable and well-established, you can help to win people over. Here are just a few tricks that will make your small startup look big, helping you to get more customers.

Get your company website professionally designed

Whilst there are many DIY website-builder platforms out there, these can sometimes come across templatey and amateurish if not done expertly. You may find that you’re better paying a professional to code you a website from scratch. This could help you to build something snazzy enough to convince people that your business is bigger than it truly is.

Use a virtual address  

Having a city address can make people believe that your company is large. If you work from home or have an office in a rural location, it could be possible to outsource a virtual city address for mailing purposes. This basically means that all your mail will be sent to city address and then redirected to your address – you can read more @  This could convince potential clients needing to mail you that you’re actually based in the city.

Outsource a phone answering service

It’s also possible to outsource a company to answer the phone for you. All important calls will be forwarded to you, but spam calls and general inquiries can be filtered out, saving you from being interrupted as often by phone calls. This can also have another advantage if you’re a one-person startup working from home – having a phone answering service could make people believe that you have a secretary and your own office and help to give you a more professional air, all in all making your company appear bigger. You can find more information @

Boost your social media following

A large social media following will also convince people that your company is large. You can help to build up a social media following for your startup by getting all your friends and family to follow you. You can do this by sending invites or simply telling people you know. This will help to give you a sizable initial following that will encourage potential customers into thinking your company is popular and therefore big. Try to resist buying followers – this can actually have negative effects on your social media marketing, plus many social media sites are trying to crack down on this behavior.  

Build up reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials show that you’ve had previous clients and that you’re therefore got experience. This can all help your company to look bigger and more established. Try to encourage every new client to write a review and always do feedback reports so that you can gather testimonials.  

*This is a contributed post.