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Five Qualities of a Great Blog Post

July 15, 2018 7 Comments

Today’s topic is about the qualities of a great blog post. I’m not talking about grammar, punctuation, and that kind of stuff, but the traits of a great blog post.

#1 It fills a need.

#2 You are consistent in your topic.

#3 Your personality shines through.

#4 You are not trying to sell something.

#5 In each and every post, you strive to be the “Best in Class”


Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses

Content Inc. is by far one of my favorite books.
The author, Joe Pulizzi left a six-figure job to start his own business. He had no product or service to sell, so he focused his attention on building his audience. And how’d he do that? By figuring out what his sweet spot was and developing AWESOME content around his passion. Today, his revenue is expected to be in the 10’s of millions.
This book is full of great inspiration and motivation, and I highly recommended it. But don’t take my word for it, check out the ratings on Amazon. That says it all!

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To your success.


Comments (7)

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  1. Dan: I have been blogging since 2002, but I still learn new things everyday. Talking about learning, have you read the book, Never Stop Learning by Bradley Staats? I have to check out Content Inc. I have heard about and I have consumed plenty of Joe Pulizzi’s online content.

    All the Best,


    • Dan Swords says:

      Hey Martin
      I have never heard of Never Stop Learning, I’ll have to check out.
      Yeah, Joe P Content, Inc. is my go-to (audio) book. I have an hour drive each way to work so I have plenty of time to listen to get books.


  2. Connie says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’ve new to your videos and I quite enjoy them, especially how you always sign off at the end with your catchy, unique tagline. (Is it still called a tagline when you put it at the end?)
    Nice to see you in a different place, it must be great fun hanging out with your grandson. Who was that at the end of the video?
    I’ve written your five pointers down and pinned them at my desk along with the other important bits to remember when I’m writing my articles. The first one – fills a need – is remarkably easy to stray away from! I hope it’s just me but my thoughts often travel much faster than I can put them down I really need to be discipline to stick to the point. And you’re right of course our content should fill a need otherwise you should be returning folks their 5 minutes of their life spent on your article! Thanks for reminding us of that.
    The other point you made about letting our personalities shine through is really important too. Unlike corporate entities it’s much easier for us to portray our unique personalities into our work. The people who can do this successfully do great. My millenial colleague told me today about “NigaHiga” and his USP was incorporating his ADD into creating his content. It was just so original viewers were hooked. Speaking of hooked, you should really consider a career in singing. 🙂
    Until next time. OMG we have the same (grand)kids – haha my tagline!

    • Dan Swords says:

      Thank you for watching my video and leaving a comment!! I’m really glad you liked the video and found it helpful. That’s just the kind of encouragement that keeps me going.
      Who was that at the end of the video? That was my daughter Danielle goofing around. She helped me set it all up.


  3. Mark Schultz says:

    Good post, Dan. Succinct and to the point. What is Pulizzi’s passion?

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