"What are the Five Qualities of a Great Blog Post?"

Five Qualities of a Great Blog Post

Writing a blog post can get boring at times. I’ve written numerous posts, so I can attest to that!! But your blog posts should never be boring. So, what are the qualities of a great blog post?
When your reader comes to your site, it doesn’t matter if it’s their first time, tenth time, or one-hundredth time.
Each post should be of the maximum quality.
Each post you write should show your reader that you are a pro.

Here are five tips to help you show your reader that you are a professional and that they are not wasting their time by stopping by your website.

Your Blog Post Fills a Need

Your post should answer a question or resolve a problem the reader may be experiencing in your niche. To figure this out, sit down and ask yourself, “What are 25 problems my readers are having in _(your niche) ?” Then, write a blog post that answers one of those 25 questions. (Before you know it, you will have almost six months of content created!!) Your readers will appreciate a post that helps them resolve a problem. And before you know it, you will become an authority in your niche.

You are Consistent in Posting

Stay consistent in your topic. Don’t write one post on cooking, then another post on dogs, and then switch again to travel. If your readers come to your site because of the outstanding post you wrote on cooking, they will not be pleased when they return, and your post is on travel. Stay consistent on your topic.

The same goes for frequency. Stay consistent on your posting day. If you usually release a new post on Sunday, your readers will get used to your posts being released on that day. If, for some reason, you decide to post on Wednesday, then your readers will see nothing new when they come to your site on Sunday to read your new post.

So you see, being consistent goes two ways: you are consistent in your topic, and you are consistent in your posting schedule. Your readers become accustomed to your regular posts and your topic content. If you deviate, you are running the chance of losing readers.

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Your Personality Shines Through

No one wants to read a post that sounds like the latest Kardashian book. (Insert yawn emoji here).

Add some flare, add some pizazz. Have some fun when you are writing. If you fancy yourself a comedian, add some humor to your post. If you are a little grumpy or sarcastic, that’s okay; let that shine through, too. The important thing is to be yourself when you write. Your readers will get to know you and appreciate your personality shining through your writing.

You Are Not Always Trying to Sell Something

This is a big one!! Don’t come across in every post as “BUY, BUY, BUY!” Unless you are a part of NSYNC (Get it? See, there’s my personality coming through…)

No one is interested in reading a post full of sales stuff. It is a big turn-off. The purpose of your post is to help your reader. In doing that, you begin to gain their trust. If you come out right from the start trying to get that sale, you will lose your reader’s trust, and they will go elsewhere. 

In Each and Every Post, You Strive to Be the “Best in Class”

In every post, you strive to put out the best content. Never settle for mediocre. Whether you are writing your first blog post or your one-hundredth post, always strive for it to be the absolute best!!! Period.

There are numerous reasons why we write. Some people do it to help others, and others do it to satisfy a writing need. No matter why you are writing, when you post your work for the world to see, you want it to come across as professional and helpful. By adding these pro qualities to your post, you won’t be wasting your reader’s time when they come to your latest blog.

All of these qualities are important when you are creating your content. But the last quality is the most important; In Each and Every Post, You Strive to Be the “Best in Class.” If you keep that one quality in mind, you are definitely on your way to creating a rock-solid blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a lot of fun to create. If you are interested, there is also a video version. You have to check it out!!!!! Keep coming back for more great content. I cover topics from content creation to SEO to Social Media.

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Peace, Love, and Happiness

Peace, Love, and Happiness

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