Today is your day.
You’re off to start blogging,
All the great things you will say.

You have fingers on your keyboard.
You have words in your head.
Great posts abound you,
They will like what they read.
You are a blogger. And you know what to write.
And you are the one who will word it just right.

Oh The Blogging2

Blogging will open the door to many opportunities.

Have you been sitting on the fence thinking about starting a blog? Maybe thinking it’s not worth your time or that you are not a good enough writer to write a blog every week. Blogging isn’t difficult and it is fun, give me a minute and let me tell you about the roads you will go down as a blogger.

The Road to Better Writing
My background is in technology not writing, I am basically an engineer that enjoys writing. And that desire is what has kept me at the keyboard, honing my craft. Writing every week, actually every day has made me a better writer. It all goes back to that saying we all learned as kids, “Practice Makes Perfect.”

The Road to Happy Readers
Writing a blog post every week will give your returning readers something new to read. Think about it, how often to you go to a site to read the same thing over again, not very often. Your website visitors need something new to read too.

The Road to More Traffic
Search engines love websites that are update regularly. A website that is constantly updated will rank higher in the search. A better search ranking leads to more readers. It’s a winning combination for you as a blogger.

The Road to Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is fun. I have had the privilege to post on a few other website. I sent an email to the website owner asking to be considered for a guest post. It’s that’s easy. The only stipulation is that they wanted to see some of my blog posts. So keep writing and posting to your blog. I have also had people come to me asking me to write on their site. So, it goes both ways. Keep generating great content on a consistent basis.

The Road to Other Job Opportunities
If you are looking to establish yourself as a professional blogger, then you will need to keep your blog updated on a regular schedule. Baseball players play ball, chefs cook, and bloggers blog. Think of your blog as a second part of your resume. It is a great place to point to so potential employers can review your work. Look at it as your portfolio. Keeping your website up to date and professional looking will eventually lead to paying assignments.

The Road to Places Unknown
All I can talk to you about are the roads I’ve been down. When you start your blog or blogging/writing career, other opportunities will come your way. You just have to believe it will happen. Keep on a writing schedule and keep posting. Though we may go down different paths, the one thing that we both have in common is that we started our blog and had the desire to something with it.

I know you can do it.
And you will succeed.
Ninety Six point Seven percent guaranteed.
Now fingers on the keyboard,
Start typing instead.
To get those great thoughts,
Out of your head.

You are a blogger.
This I do know,
That once you start blogging,
Oh the places You’ll Go!!!