Let’s face it. You are not the only blogger out there. And neither am I.
Every day there is a ton of content being written and honestly, most of it is duplicate content. No so much duplicated content, but duplicate content topics. Breaking through all that noise is getting harder and harder every day.
I’m sure you are wondering, why no one is reading your blog… I’ve been there too.

Here are five things to think about when writing and publishing your next blog post.

Your blog post title is just as important as the content of your blog post.

Your blog post title is just as important as the content of your blog post.

#1 Your Title Sucks

As I stated before, there is so much noise on the web today that you need a title that stands outs and grabs people’s attention. Think of your title as the lighthouse to your blog post. The purpose of a lighthouse is to guide the ships (your readers) into port (your blog post). If the lighthouse is rickety and rundown, the ships will pass in the night. But if your lighthouse is bright and outshines every other light, it will be sure to guide your readers into port.
You should spend at least the same amount of time in developing your blog post title as you do writing your blog post. I always get a couple ideas and run them past Tracy to get her opinion. It never hurts to get another set of eyes on your title.

Here is a couple fill in the blank ideas that you can use to generate titles.

How to _____ in (#) Easy Steps.
The Ultimate Guide to _____.
The Beginners Guide to _____.
(#) Facts About _____.
(#) Reasons Why You Aren’t _____.
(#) Tips for Busy _____.
(#) Types of _____.
(#) Super Tips to _____.
Master Your _____ in (#) Simple Steps.
How to Instantly Improve Your _____.
Why You Should Care About _____.
(#) Things That Really Great _____ Do.

#2 You Don’t Stay Focused on the Topic

That’s a good one right. Stay laser focused and keep writing about your topic.
You know, its been raining here for a while and my backyard is flooded. That’s kind of a bummer since Sami can’t hang out in the backyard without getting all muddy. Now, where was I…

Stay focused on your topic.
Forest Gump said it best…

#3 Your Paragraphs Are Too Long

The longer your paragraphs are the more likely it is that someone will click out. We’ve turned into a world of skimmers when we read. Having paragraphs that are written like a thesis paper will turn off your readers.

Shorter paragraphs

• are easier to read.
• makes it seem like there is less on the page.
• are just more appealing to the eye.

#4 You Use a Crazy Font

Please use a font that is easy to read.
Don’t use some crazy font because you like it.
I’ll be honest with you, if you have something other than the standard text fonts, I’ll click out.
That goes for size too. I won’t read a post where the font is too small.
If you have super long paragraphs and a crazy font that is too small to read, click… On to the next.

Use a posting calendar to schedule your blog posts in advance.

Use a posting calendar to schedule your blog posts in advance.

#5 You Are Inconsistent in Posting

Your readers get used to reading your posts at a particular time. I can bet that there are some people that actually look forward to your posts.
I always post on Sunday and Friday, with other posts scattered throughout the week.
Sunday is always my big post, usually, one that I think is the most important. And Friday is always my Featured Writer Friday posts.
Use a posting calendar and schedule your posts at least two weeks in advance, four weeks would be better. Then use a scheduling function to release your posts at the proper time.

Extra Bonus Tip

You Are Not Linking to Your Older Material

You have a treasure trove of great stuff just waiting to be rediscovered. When you are writing your post, think about how you can work one or two of your older posts into the new post. This will give the then a new life. And it will help keep your readers engaged longer on your site.

I hope these tips help you when you are writing your next post. If I have to pick one tip to work on first I would suggest that you start with your blog post title. If the title doesn’t interest the reader, then they will never click on the link to read your post. It doesn’t matter how great your blog post is, if your title sucks, then no one will ever read it.

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