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WHAT I DO: I help small business owners by creating the documentation they need so they can spend more time doing what they know best: running their business and making a profit.


WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE: I started my career as a bench technician with the goal of becoming an engineer. Then, one day, the project engineer I was working with came to me with a stack of papers. I took them and asked, "What is this?" He told me they were draft copies of an installation guide and a troubleshooting guide. From then on, I was hooked! Almost every position I ever held had some form of technical writing. Then, one day, I decided to do it full-time. I never dreamt that I would become a full-time writer!


INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Throughout my career, I have traveled to many customer sites to resolve field issues or install new equipment. Each field issue I repaired and each installation I completed, gave me valuable real-world knowledge. Using this knowledge is what I rely on to write clear, concise information for your customers.  



Technical Manuals

  • Operator Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • How it Works

Blog Posts



HOW IT WORKS: It all starts with a conversation. This is a little Get-to-Know each other type of conversation. Tell me about your business, your business plans, and your business goals. But it doesn't have to be all business; I'm sure you have topics you'd like to discuss: pets, family, favorite vacation spots, and hobbies. So be prepared. I will ask lots of questions. 



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