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I’m very excited to be featuring a new series on my blog. It’s called Featured Writer Friday. In this series, I will highlight one of the many bloggers in our blogosphere. My hope is that Featured Writer Friday will introduce you to a new writer and their blog. They will answer questions about their blog. Questions such as, what got them started writing their blog, what’s working for them, and what tools they are using.

On to our featured writer!!

Our 1st featured writer is Steph who writes at writingfromtheheart.blog

Our 1st featured writer is Steph Geary who writes at writingfromtheheart.blog

My name is Steph and I have a blog over at writingfromtheheart.blog. My blog is a mix of short stories and poems written by myself plus reviews of books that I have read. I have wanted to write a blog for as long back as I can remember and so following some of the most challenging times in our family, I decided to not wait until the right day to start. I started it up properly in November and with the help of Twitter have gained a small following. I live in the West Midlands, Uk and am married with 2 boys and a very active playful pug puppy, lovingly named Harry Pugger.

1. How long have you been blogging?
I started a personal blog a couple of years ago but only really kept up with it every so often. I would update it with posts about me and my partner and took photographs of days out etc. I started a proper blog more for my writing in November 2017. This new one is dedicated more to short stories, poems and book reviews that I write.

2. Are you a full-time blogger or do you also have another job/career?
I am a part-time blogger. I run a small photography business and take on occasional weddings, events etc. I also work at the local authority as a Caseworker.

3. What got you started into blogging?
I have always enjoyed writing; whether it be a diary, short stories or reviews. I did enjoy the bits I did on my personal blog but I wanted somewhere that I could showcase my creative written work. So I started Writing from the Heart blog and it helped to ignite my love for the written word.

4. What is your blog about and how does it help others?
My blog is a showcase for my writing and a place where I can leave book reviews. Not only am I lover of writing but I also love reading too, especially fiction. There is nothing better than getting lost in a good book. I would like to think that my writing helps people in some ways, especially with my poems. I wrote an emotional poem following the death of my father in law, titled Death of a Loved One.

5. What is working for you and your blog? Why?
I am still quite new to blogging and producing content so I haven’t been doing it long enough to be able to say what is working, but I have found that engaging with people on Twitter helps to throw light onto my blog. I love being a part of the blogging community; there are so many good blogs out there.

6. What did not work out so well for your blog? Why?
So far, things are going quite well for me, I am happy with how the blog is shaping up; if anything it is helping me to get my love of writing back. So at the moment, things are working quite well.

7. What tool are you using that you can introduce my readers to?
I am not really using a tool; I use Facebook and Instagram to engage with bloggers and WordPress for my blog.

8. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting a blog?
Be yourself; don’t get drawn into copying other bloggers style or themes. You are your own person and you have your own unique interesting content inside of you. All you need to do is figure out what you want to write about. What interests you? What makes you tick? If you find a topic for your blog that you really enjoy, it will make writing about it easier.

9. Where can everyone find you?
Blog – https://writingfromtheheart.blog
Twitter – @StephGearyUK
Instagram – @stephersgearyuk

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my new series.
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