Why updating your older blog posts is important.

A little while back you wrote a post and it was one that you were very proud of. You did a great job on it!!

You published it on the web and it got a lot of views and some great comments too. Your readers really enjoyed it. The following month you see that, hey “Google has indexed my page!!”

You think to yourself, “That’s pretty cool if I do say so myself!!” You are proud and you have every right to be proud too!!

That was four months ago. Or a year ago. Or longer…

The popularity of your post has dwindled, but it’s still a great post. But now it is sitting out on the web, collecting eDust. Waiting to be discovered again, like a classic car stored under a dusty tarp in a shed somewhere. She’s a beaut, but only if someone would find her and polish her up again…

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Do you know that updating an older post can benefit you in numerous ways? Here are just a few reasons why updating your older blog posts is important.

Updating your older posts is has benefits for SEO and non-SEO.

SEO Benefit #1

The Google bots will crawl your website and find the updated information. This will show Google that your website current and up-to-date and that it’s not some passing whim.

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SEO Benefit #2

It makes it easier for Google to find and index your new page.

Update an older web page with a link to a new blog post. Since Google has already indexed the older page, it will be easier for Google to find the link and index this new page.

Update an older web page with a link to a new blog post, it will be easier for Google to find and index this new page. #backlinks #SEO Click To Tweet

Non-SEO Benefit

It helps to reduce your Bounce Rate and increase the Secession Duration.

As a refresher, Bounce Rate is the percent of visitors who come to your page then leave. They do not interact with your site and only view the one page. Basically, they click in, then click out.

Secession Duration or Time On Page is the time that a visitor stays on (interacts with) your web page.

If your reader finds you from a search, having a relevant link to another page of interest will help to keep them on your site longer.

Changing the Posting Date or Just the Text?

Change the text. Don’t change the posting date.

As of now, there are no Google penalties for changing the posting date, but it may change in the future. I like what SEO Yoast recommends, if it’s a small update, keep the date. If you have a major update, where most of the post is rewritten, then change the date. You can find a link to their video here.

Because Blogging is a Learning Game

As we continue to write and hone our craft, we get smarter along the way too. We become better writers, but we also learn more about our chosen blogging subject. Let’s all admit it, come on now, say it with me…

“Our first few blog posts were really bad.”

This is why it’s important to update our older posts. Clean them up and add some new information that we’ve learned along the way. Add the updated information to a new section and don’t forget the link to another post.

Drive Social Traffic to the Updated Post

Let everyone know that you have updated your post. Send a tweet, “I’ve Updated (Your Post Title) New for 2018!” Don’t forget your niche #hashtags!!

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When you are writing a new post, think about how it can be incorporated into an older post. See how you can split your new post into a smaller section that can be added to an older post, giving life to two posts instead of one!! Writing a blog post is not so cut and dry as it once seemed. Updating our older posts helps to add some link juice into both posts.

Backlinks are so important in creating a successful blog, I thought that it was time to update my backlink post. I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to utilize some of these new tips.

For more information on backlinks check out, How to Build Quality Backlinks.

Do you have a question about backlinks? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer it, or maybe I’ll write a new blog post about your question.

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