I received a DM from a follower on Twitter the other day and they asked this question:

You mention that blogging is important, but all I see is others following each other, but nobody wants to buy my s#!t (I ad-libbed there a little…).  What’s the point of following and blogging?

What a great question!!!!

So I went out to this person’s Twitter page and I saw that:

They have only been active for three months.

They have less than 100 Followers.

There was no blog URL of any kind listed.

They were asking for money in their Twitter bio.

All of their tweets had to do with this great product/service that they wanted you to buy. Basically 6-9 tweets an hour. No comments. No likes. No retweets. And it was a bunch of text that I didn’t understand. All industry specific jargon and acronyms. I did not have a clue as to what they were talking about.

So, can you start to see what’s wrong so far??


We’ve become suspicious of new people these days. There are just too many spammers and scammers out there that we have to be on guard all of the time.

So let’s go over what is wrong and see how to correct it.

Starting off of the line with a Buy This attitude is a big red flag. There is a better, less in-your-face way to sell. Click To Tweet

They were not engaging with others.
Start by finding others and reaching out to them.

Social media is all about being social. Engage with others. If your website/blog/twitter page is only a couple months old, then you need to reach out and find others to engage with. Think about what your ideal client is like. What websites do they visit? Who would they follow? Then go to these sites and follow them. Don’t get too crazy with the following and unfollowing people, Twitter keeps an eye on that.

Social media is all about being social.

Now it’s time to interact with your followers.
On Monday, pick 5 followers (or more) and retweet their pinned tweet.
On Tuesday, pick 5 different followers (or more), go to their blog and comment on it.
On Wednesday, pick 5 more followers  (or more) and retweet their lasted blog post.
On Thursday, pick 5 more followers (or more) and retweet their Instagram page (or some other tweet).

Then on Friday, shoot out a Follow Friday tweet. Use the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF. Then add the @handles of your newest and bestest followers.

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Social media is all about being social. Engage with others. Click To Tweet

They did not have a blog or a URL to anything.
So how is someone supposed to see what they are all about? They can’t!! Your blog is the doorway for your reader to learn about you and eventually become part of your tribe.

This might sound redundant, but think about what your ideal client is like. What websites do they visit? Who would they follow? What problems are they having and which ones can you help them resolve. Then start writing blog posts around these ideas.

For more reading check out my post – Twitter Tips: Your Twitter Profile.

Trying to sell too without building the Know, Like, and Trust factor will get you nowhere.

Buy buy buy

They were not trying to solve a problem that their readers are having. It was all about them. Buy my stuff! Buy my stuff!! Buy my stuff!!!

I’ve said this a million times, no one cares about what you are trying to sell. Period. You have to provide your readers with content that helps them. As you do this you start to build – 




Once this is obtained. You can start to sell. Trying before then will get you NOWHERE.

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Trying to sell without building the Know, Like, and Trust factors will get you nowhere. Click To Tweet

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