What good is a posting schedule anyway?

A posting calendar is a great way to organize your thoughts.

A posting calendar is a great way to organize your thoughts.

That’s what I thought when I started blogging.
“It’s too much work.”
“I can sit down and write this on my own.”
However, after blogging for a while and honestly it wasn’t very long, I became a proponent of a posting schedule. Sure, they are work at first, but the benefits far out way the hassles.
Do you think a posting schedule is a hassle? If you do, keep reading and I’ll give you two awesome reasons why you should use a posting schedule.

The first reason is that it’s a great way to organize your thoughts.
Taking the time to develop a posting schedule allows you to organize your thoughts then organize those thoughts into engaging posts. I’ve said this before; this will stop the “What am I going to write about today?” dilemma. It is difficult and frustrating to come up with a topic every week. But, keeping a schedule and staying on track is the encouragement you will need to keep writing. I wonder how many blogs are about there with only three, four, or six posts. I’m sure those bloggers gave up because they ran out of ideas. Don’t be one of them.

Social Media Medium

A posting calendar is great way to organize your social media posts and tweets.

The second reason is it gives your social media content continuity with your blog post.
Do you use Twitter and Facebook? Well, now that your posting schedule is organized, you can use the schedule to develop your tweets and posts. There are great services such as HootSuite and SocialOomph that allow you to schedule your tweets and Facebook posts in advance. That way you can sit down one Sunday, write your posts and tweets for that week and… Walla! You are done.

Once your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts are filled with content, you can use them to piggyback to your other social media sites. Do you use Instagram? Maybe next week’s post gave you an idea or two for some photos that you can use, but (here it comes) you can’t get the pictures now. This gives you the chance to get things organized so you can get those shots. This keeps your new post, Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media platforms coordinated.

3D guy with a calendar

A posting calendar can be your friend.

Now do you see the benefits of a posting schedule? You can take hours (maybe days) of work and frustration and get it done in no time. Your post is complete and published. Your tweets and Facebook posts are scheduled. So now, what are you going to do with all that extra time?

To your success.

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