If you’re a solo entrepreneur then you might feel as if you’ve got a long climb ahead of you. You’re driven and passionate about your project, but you’re overwhelmed at the same time. Still, you don’t need to feel threatened by the competition. Home businesses are managing to successfully compete with big brands in many different industries. If you want to join those successful businesses then take note of this valuable advice.

Create an honest brand.

Consumers like authenticity. In the modern age, this gives small businesses and even solo-run businesses the opportunity to beat the huge companies in their industries. That’s why you see so many brands claiming to be “organic” or “eco-friendly”, for example. But your brand needs to be genuine. You need to be honest if you want to succeed. Think about the values that mean something to you. That’s how you’ll connect with people on a human level. If you care about certain issues facing your community then you could donate a portion of your profits to specific charities. This will really impress customers or potential customers and make them see your brand as wholesome.

Focus heavily on your business website.

This is a crucial piece of advice for any solo entrepreneur. You most likely don’t have the funds for an extensive marketing campaign if you’re a one-person operation. That’s why the internet is such a valuable resource to freelancers running home businesses. If you know what you’re doing then you can market your business just as extensively as big brands in the game without having to spend a fortune. It all comes down to your business website. The better its content, the higher you’ll show up on search result pages. That’s free marketing.

Of course, increasing traffic is important, but you also need to design a website that’ll keep those visitors interested. You might want to look into a CRO agency (Conversion Rate Optimization) to help you turn those visitors into paying customers. Your website needs to be designed to function as an advert in itself. It needs to encourage people to buy your goods or services.


Like every entrepreneur, you most likely want your business to grow over time. You have big dreams and aspirations. You might want to hire a small team, eventually, or perhaps even build your own organization with a proper business headquarters. Whatever route you plan to take, you need to climb up the ladder rung by rung. And the best way to grow when you’re running a one-person business is to outsource some of your work. After all, there’s only so much that one person has the time to do.

At some point, you need to enlist the help of others to cover some of your workload. Maybe that’ll involve taking phone calls, or maybe you’ll even hire marketing specialists to help you get the word out about your business. Whatever type of work you outsource, the point is that it’ll give you more time to focus on other projects within the confines of your business. You’ll be able to do more for your company during the average work day. As a home business owner, this is integral to your growth.

*This is a contributed post.