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Today’s blogging tip is all about Twitter.

Welcome to April, a.k.a. Social Media Month here on This month I will cover topics on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, three platforms that I think work well with blogging.
But, what about Facebook, you ask? Sorry, I’m not a big fan of Facebook. Never really got into it for blogging. Sure, I like to share pictures of food, vacation spots, or silly pet videos, but Facebook never really caught on with me for blogging.
If you are savvy with Facebook, shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter. Maybe we can arrange a guest post on the topic of Facebook.

This week’s topics will cover Twitter and I’ll be posting three posts this week, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (Friday will still be Featured Writer Friday.) Twitter topics that I’ll be covering are:

  • Your profile
  • Hashtags
  • Images
  • Video
  • Twitter lists
  • Twitter moments
  • Mute and block options

Today blogging tips will cover your Twitter Profile.

Your Twitter Profile

Twitter tips, blogging tips, social media tips

Your Profile Tells the World What You Are About

Your profile page is the first place people go to and it should be a representation of what you are doing on Twitter. I always go to the profile of new followers so I can see what they are all about. I use this to decide whether to follow them or not. You can glean a lot of information out of the profile page.

Your Twitter profile can contain:

  • Name and handle (@name)
  • A short bio. Up to 160 characters Use this area to add your hashtags (I’ll explain hashtags more on Tuesday.)
  • Your location
  • Website
  • Birthday – You can select to hide the year when you were born and just display the date.

You don’t have to customize your bio, but to me, that makes your site a little suspicious…

Things that raise a red flag for me

  • No image in the profile picture.
  • Nothing in the bio except their handle and maybe a link to some website.
  • Tweets only about getting more followers and follow trains.
  • Tweets only containing quotes.

Your profile should contain two high-quality images, one for your header photo and the other for your profile photo.

Header photo: This is the image that spans the top of your Twitter profile. It is the first image that someone sees when they visit your profile page.
Acceptable file formats are JPG or PNG.
Image size 1,500 x 500
Maximum file size: 5 MB

Profile photo: This is the main image that everyone sees. It is a representation of you and shows up beside all your tweets. Acceptable file formats are JPG or PNG.
Image size 400 x 400 but it will display as 200 x 200
Maximum file size: 2 MB

Use these tips to polish your Twitter profile. Let the Twittersphere know that you are here and ready to ROCK IT!! by having a profile that outshines everyone else!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blogging tips. Be sure to come back Tuesday when I cover hashtags and why you should use them.

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