Welcome to today’s Twitter Tip. Today I’ll go over lists and how to use them.

Twitter Lists are a great way to narrow down your tweets.
With Twitter lists, you can add your favorite tweeps into a list.  This way you don’t have to parse through the millions of tweets to read stuff from your favorite people, like me.

I have one list of my own, Featured Writer Friday writers that I set up for this post and I follow three others (I’m sure there will be more). You can see the list by going to my profile page and click on Lists.

To see your lists, click on your profile icon (the round picture).
Then click on LISTS at the top of the page under the header image.


There are two fields there Subscribed to and Member of

Subscribed to, means that you subscribed to someone else’s list.
Member of is a someone else’s list that you have been added to. You may or may not have noticed being added to the list. To be removed from the list, you will have to block the person who added you. I wouldn’t recommend that.


To create a list
Click Create new list
This may be on the left or the right depending on the OS that you are using.

Enter the List Name (25 characters)
Description (100 characters)


Click on the radio button for Public or Private

Then click on Save list
A window will appear, Find people to add to your list.  Enter the person’s name Twitter handle (@name)
Then click on Search.

To add someone to an existing list
Enter their name or @handle.
Click on their name. Their twitter page will pop up.

On the right, next to the Following or Follow but are three verticle dots, that’s the overflow icon.
Click on the overflow icon and scroll down to Add or remove from lists…

Select the list that you want to add the user to.

To edit or delete a list, click on the list name, then click on Edit or Delete.

To subscribe to a list
You can subscribe to any list from anyone. You do not have to be a follower to subscribe to the list.
If you find someone that you are interested in. Click on Lists on their page. Then click on the Subscribe button.

To view the someone else’s list
Click on Lists
Then select Subscribed to or Member of to select which list that you’d like to see.

Twitter Lists are an easy way to read your favorite tweeps tweets. I know that sometimes my Twitter feed get real busy and this is a great way to filter out the noise. I hope you use the lists feature to include your favorite tweeters, like me!!

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