Have you said to yourself… “I want to write a blog, but I don’t know where to begin?”

Are you stuck and don't know where to begin?

Are you stuck and don’t know where to begin?

Do you have too many topics in your head and just don’t know which one to choose? Are you sitting there spinning your wheels, getting nowhere? I know, I’ve been there too!! Keep reading and I’ll give you the steps you need so you quit spinning your wheels and get moving again.

Write down Your Topic Ideas

Yes, it is that easy. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down every idea that comes to mind. There are no wrong ideas.
1. Grab a timer and open a text document or if you want to do it the old-fashioned way, grab a piece of paper and a pen.
2. Find a quiet place. Someplace with a chair and a good writing surface.
3. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell there, but this is important. There are way too many distractions out there and if you really want to get writing, turning off the distractions is the first step.
4. On your mark. Get set. START WRITING!!!!!

Here’s a tip for you are super stuck, check out this post on what to do to get writing again.

Pick the Best Subject

Wow!! Look at your list! I bet you have more than 10 ideas and that’s great!!! Now, look at your list and make sure there aren’t any duplicates (the same meaning only worded differently). If there are, scratch them off.
Pick the topic that interests you the most.

Make a Mind Map

Use mind mapping to develop an outline.

Mind mapping is a great way to develop an outline.

Mind mapping is a brainstorming technique where you write down a central topic in the middle of a piece of paper. When an idea comes to you pertaining to that topic, you write it down. Then you draw a circle around the new idea and connect the two ideas with a line. Keep going in that fashion for 10 to 15 minutes. Write down all the words you can think of that are associated with that topic. Before you know it, you will have a general idea of your topics and the sub-points you want to cover.

Create an Outline

Now that your mind map is complete, your outline is complete too. Can you see it in the flow of the mind map bubbles? Now you can create your blog post outline. Just like in your English class or writing class, you will have to add an intro and a conclusion/call to action.

I hope these tips help you get from a blank screen to a written post.
Be sure to come back next week when I discuss the different content types.

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Did you know… 
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Keep your pencils to the paper and I’ll see you next week!!