Overcome doubt

Overcome doubt with these tipsI don’t have enough time or I’m too busy..

I don’t have enough time or I’m too busy

  • I work full time, write almost full time and I’m getting ready for a half-marathon. When a task becomes a priority you will find time for it.
  • Schedule time to write and make it a priority. Block off an hour to write or set a daily goal such as 400 words.

I don’t know what to write about

Why write, no one will read it anyway

  • Do you have friends? Are you on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook? Use them to promote your blog.
  • Use social sharing sites such as bizsugar.com or blokube.com to promote your work and to drive traffic to your site.

I hope these help you to overcome the doubt we all sometimes get.
Keep a positive attitude and keep writing.

Positive thoughts bring positive results.