Staying productive can be difficult with our busy schedules. With all of the responsibilities we have, how can you get anything accomplished? Do you want to make this year a productive year? If so, then check out these productivity tips. I won’t rehash the popular tips like get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and exercise more. I have a few new tips for you.

Productivity tip, take a break

Productivity tip, set a time limit.

Set a time limit
We all have a full plate of things that have to be completed in our day. Get meticulous and set a time limit for your tasks. C. Northcote Parkinson said it best, “Work expands to fill the time available…” If we set a time limit of all day to complete a task, then Parkinson’s Law states that it will take all day. By scheduling your time and sticking to it, you will get more tasks completed in a day.

Take a break
Work 25 to 30 minutes then take a little break. Walk to the kitchen, maybe get something to drink, see what the rest of the world is doing. That little break will help you regroup and collect your thoughts. It’s a surefire way for me to keep writing when I need to. I also like to take longer breaks and take Elvis out for a walk. Get some fresh air and stretch the legs (and the eyes so to speak).

Productivity tip, turn off distractions.

Productivity tip, turn off distractions.

Turn Off Phone Notifications
Boy that’s a good one and I know this is going to be hard for some people. We use our phones for everything these days, send text messages, send tweets, play music, surf the web, play games, and… (Drumming my fingers on my desk, thinking.) What’s that other thing we use our phones for? Oh yeah, talking to others.
I like to listen to music while I write but I have notifications that pop up to that tell me I have a new email, that someone new is following me, or that it’s my turn to play a game. This year you should resolve to turn off all notifications that can wait. If someone needs to call you (on the phone), then answer it, but when have set that time aside to work, then it is time to work.

We all have busy lives and are being pulled from all sides. This can make scheduling time for our business difficult. By following some of these tips and turning off distractions from our phones and social media, you will be able to accomplish more. I hope you use these tips to be more productive this year, being productive is better than just being busy.