Create great content

Don’t let this happen to your web site visitors.

Creating a rock-solid online presence is essential in today’s business climate. Today’s web visitor is easily distracted and frequently just scans the web page, rolls their eyes in boredom, then clicks on to the next site.

This happens a million times a day on sites all over the internet. Could this be happening on your site now?

So, what can you do to keep your reader interested and coming back for more?

Complete Your Company’s about Page

This is probably the most overlooked and often ignored page on a web site. The About Page is your opportunity to brag about your business, use it wisely.

  • Do talk about your business and your years in service.
  • Do talk about your skills and special achievements.
  • Do talk about hobbies and activities.
  • Do not turn this page into a 300 word sales pitch!

Web Site Content

Your web site content should:

  • Offer a solution to your reader’s problem.
  • Be fresh and up-to-date.
  • Include a .pdf or other information that your reader can download.

Develop a Posting Schedule for Your Blog

A posting schedule helps in organizing your posts. Use a color code for easy review of your topics. Highlighters work great for this. As an example, use:

  • Blue = Blogging
  • Red = Writing Tips
  • Green = Social Media
  • Miscellaneous =  Yellow

Create Great Content

Write and write often. Much like a ball player practices their sport on a daily basis, a writer should too. Set a daily writing goal. Start with 300 words a day. Increase your count to 400 words when this goal becomes easy.

After you have finished that post or new web content:

  • Wait a day before publishing your new material.
  • Read your new material aloud. You will help to find grammar errors and run-on sentences.
  • Check and double-check your spelling.

Spice up Your Posts with These Different Content Types

New content types will keep your visitor engaged and more likely to return. No one wants to see the same thing over and over, so try different content types to shake things up.

For example, you could use:

Offer a free giveaway

Everyone loves something free. Use your giveaway to entice your reads into giving them you their email address. There are several type of giveaways that you can create.

  • A Top 10 List
  • A pdf of your blog post
  • An eBook
  • A Flyer


Create a Newsletter

Develop a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Use your newsletter to talk about new promotions, upcoming events that you will be attending, and other relevant seasonal topics.

Use Social Media

Social media is not going away any time soon. Today’s young adults are tomorrow’s customers. They are all tech-savvy. So use social media to promote to this ever-growing market. Entice them with posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, or shareable images on Pinterest.

Well-written content is essential in promoting your business. Fresh content not only appeases the Google gods, but it also helps attract new visitors and readers, that eventually turn into customers. Keep your visitors engaged by creating a great About Page, writing great content for your site, and by using social media to attract new readers.

If you are ready for new content, but don’t have the time to write it yourself, contact me for a free consultation. You can find links to connect on my site. Like me on Facebook for members only content and be sure to follow me on Twitter too.