Drive traffic to your blog with these Twitter tips.

Drive traffic to your blog with Twitter

My normal blog posts are about blogging and blogging tips, but it seems that people are really interested in building up their Twitter engagement. And I can’t blame them! I think for bloggers and blogging, that Twitter is the perfect tool. So here are three things you can do right now to increase your Twitter engagement.

Follow these three easy to do right-now tips to increase your Twitter engagement, TODAY!

Tip #1
Look at your Followers list. Follow everyone that is following you.
If they are a blogger, click the follow button.
If they are a writer, click the follow button.
If they are a cause or business that you support, click the follow button.

Tip #2
If your account is private, make it public.
I won’t follow private twitter accounts. Seems too fishy or that you are hiding something. I’m sure others feel that way too.
If you use some validation program or app, turn it off. If a validation comes up, I won’t follow the account.

Note: If you are worried about spam accounts, Twitter has two awesome features, the mute button, and the block button. Use them if you find an account that you do not like.

Tip #3
Now, interact with your followers.
Monday pick 5 followers and retweet their pinned tweet.
Tuesday pick 5 different followers, go to their blog and comment on it.
Wednesday pick 5 more followers and retweet their lasted blog post.
Thursday pick 5 more followers and retweet their Instagram page (or some other tweet).

On Friday mention all twenty of these followers in Follow Friday tweet #FF.
Send out the #FF tweet, you may have to do this in two tweets depending on the user’s handle size, but that’s okay. Do this in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

By doing these three easy-peasy tips, I know that your Twitter followers and Twitter engagements will increase. You can’t expect any results if all you do is wait for someone to come to you. Twitter is a social network, so start being social and watch your engagement grow!!

I hope you enjoyed these Twitter tips. If you did, leave a comment below. Even if you didn’t like these tips, leave a comment below. I read and respond to every comment.

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