Your website might use blogs as the main draw to get new people to visit the site, but there is such a thing as being too reliant on blogs. After all, there are many more mediums you can use to get your message out into the world! This method has multiple purposes. For starters, you’ll bring on board a wider range of people (not everyone reads blogs). You’ll also be able to repurpose your old content; you can take the information from a blog, for instance, and present it to the world in a new way. Below, we run through some of the methods you might want to think about using on your site.

Handy Infographic

If you’ve got a blog post that is pretty heavy on information, then a wall of text might not be the best format to present that information. Infographics add sparkle and color to your site, and they’re more likely to go viral on social media than a blog post. They’re easy to create, too, and can engage an on-the-go audience who want the important pieces of information of a blog without the long reading time. These are particularly good when it comes to repurposing content you had in a blog post, too; they can exist side by side.

Easy Viewing

If you’re not making the most of videos on your site, then now’s the time. Because put simply, video has exploded! And it’s only going to get bigger. By 2021, somewhere in the region of 80% of web traffic will be video (that’s eighty percent, a gigantic number!). If you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating this type of content, then work with a company like Perfect Image Video. Once it’s out there, you’ll have a whole new demographic of people seeing content that is hosted on – or points towards – your website.

Packaged Together

Now, you might recoil slightly when we suggest that you should publish an ebook, but there’s nothing to fear – it is not the same as writing a book! For starters, you could create an ebook just by compiling all of the blog posts you have under one topic. And an ebook doesn’t have to be many pages long, or an outstanding piece of literature. It can merely be your most useful posts, infographics, and other important information all wrapped into one handy ebook. This, in particular, is a terrific way to funnel more people into your lead generation.

Talking it Out

If you winced at the idea of an ebook, then you might really hate the idea of producing a podcast, but it’s something worth considering. This medium is back in a big way – people are going crazy for podcasts, and you can see why; you can listen to them on the go, they’re fun, informal, and so on. If you don’t have a voice that’s podcast-worthy, then have someone else host. It’s a great way to go even deeper into the topics you’re discussing on your website.

*This is a contributed post.