It’s a valid question for anyone looking to make money from blogging, which subjects are the most lucrative? And while common wisdom dictates that you need to think about things in a more organic manner, especially when connecting to your audience, there is a lot more out there to connect with in order to ensure that your content is hitting the right market. While you need to sharpen your writing skills to ensure the content is as resonant as possible, are there actually subject matters that appear to be more successful than others? Is it all cuddly animals and LOLcats?

Industry Oriented Subjects

By focusing on a specific industry, you are inevitably going to appeal to budding entrepreneurs, and experienced ones alike. Of course, it depends on your own specialty knowledge whether you can contribute effectively to one specific industry. Education is one area that will never go out of fashion because there is always debate on the best way to nurture future generations. And with the advent of homeschooling and online tutors providing alternative approaches to education, this sparks debate on how to market these alternative educators appropriately. You can learn more about education marketing at MarketingWorks as well as other resources, but if you look online at the most successful industry blogs, you will see that they cater to a specific niche.


Right wing, left wing, up or down, politics will be here to stay. Everybody has their own soapbox to offer their opinions on the world now, and a hard-hitting political blog isn’t just a great way to encourage subscribers, but it’s also a way for you to get your voice heard and gather more publicity than you thought was possible. Whether discussing the coiffured orange leader of the free world that is Donald Trump or comparing Brexit to an actual breakfast, you are pretty much guaranteed a slew of supporting and conflicting opinions. You may view this as a low common denominator approach to getting traffic, but if you have the passion to inspire change, it’s surprising how much a blog can do.

Personal Blogs

And, following on naturally from the passion side of things, it’s surprising what’s a personal blog can do. Ultimately, when it comes to connecting with an audience, there is no rhyme or reason, but if you look over great art over the years, from paintings to books, and look at what you love, why did it connect with you? Personal blogs are one of those things that can take a while to grow. But once it has gained traction, it becomes this entity all of itself. The most popular bloggers in the world have turned their personality into something marketable. And so, if you are looking at the most lucrative subject matters, as well as the most unique, you don’t have to look very far.

For some, the words “lucrative” and “blog” don’t go hand in hand. But, when you are looking at developing a blog as a way to build an income, you need to look at it as a long-term investment. It doesn’t happen overnight, but as far as capturing the zeitgeist is concerned or connecting with people on an emotional level, a blog can do many things.

*This is a contributed post.