Business image, what is it? Take how you would like to be seen by others, not magnify that by about 10. You wear certain clothes when going outside to work, in order to look professional and smart. You even walk a certain way, with your shoulders broad, chest out and a straight back to show confidence and direction. You talk a certain way, in that you will be more forthright with what you believe, explain your values and be more assertive in your tone. These are all things we do because we behave in a different way when we’re in a professional setting. It also projects out an image to the rest of the world, that we are serious and command respect. A business is much the same, in fact, it’s probably even more important. Someone who doesn’t know you could get a bad impression after, seeing you do something they don’t agree with. However, after just a couple of minutes talking to each other, all those previous notions can be dashed and a totally different image is understood. A business doesn’t have that kind of power because it’s simply too complex to absorb in that amount of time. Thus it’s the little things that you can do to project a consistent image for your business.

Cleanliness and pride

If you’re a retail business, all your stores should look nice and clean both from the outside and inside. A storefront that looks like it is cared for, shows customers that pride is taken in your business. We are attracted to people who are well-groomed and this is no different for businesses either. A place where customers buy their products should be inviting, a pleasant surrounding to be in and where they feel comfortable. If this is achieved they are more likely to buy something and spend more time in your store. Good hygiene also shows you care about the customer’s safety and convenience while they are browsing.

The people you employ

One thing that is not going to die out anytime soon is the importance of the human touch in business. Customers that don’t feel as if they can bring a matter they are embroiled into an employee will more than likely not shop with you again. They need to be able to trust your employees and hold them as figures of authority that can help them in whatever request or nature of issue they have. A simple way to project an organized image is to give your employees lanyards to wear. They have their picture and ID that they can hang from it, instantly giving them a title in the minds of customers. Over where the team at CLC are, they can make you customized lanyards with your own logo, color scheme and general branding you desire. It’s one of the more cost-effective ways to give your employees badges of authority that customers will flock to when they need to.

Generally speaking, if you don’t work on the small things that project your business image each day, then the larger things you do won’t have as much of an impact. The small things don’t cost as much and yet have the same effect, so be broader in your approach.

*This is a contributed post.