Blogging Tips: The Ideal Blog Post Length.

Blogging Tips: The Ideal Blog Post Length

There is a ton of “data” out there about long your blog post should be. I’ve seen posts that say your blog posts should be around 2200 words to be effective. I’ve seen other posts that say your post should be around 1100 or 1000 words.

I think that’s a bunch of hogwash.

I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in reading a 2200-word post on my lunch or on my phone. An old post of mine said that you have less than 8 seconds to grab your reader’s attention. And from my own experience, I can believe it.

Here’s my take on that… for what it’s worth.

For us average writers, we need to get the word out, make the point and move on. Remember the 8-second rule? If not, then read this post.
We need to catch our reader’s attention, give them the information they want, and send them on their way.

Just like what I am doing now.

So don’t worry about post length because the other guys say so.
Write a great introduction. Make a killer point. Then slay them with an awesome CTA.
Write in your own style because there is no one else like you!

There I did it in less than 220 words.

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To your success.


(265 words total!!!)