Marketing has never been easier, right? Thanks to the ubiquity of methods available, entrepreneurs can raise awareness in a variety of different ways. Praise be to the internet for this fine offering! As you may know, the cyber highway hasn’t quite been the messiah that was promised. With so many techniques to choose from, it can be hard to find the right balance. Even worse, rivals and competitors can edge ahead if they are more efficient and creative. To win the war, you have to come up with something so out of the box that it stands out like a sore thumb. Here is a selection of the weirdest and effective advertising ideas.

On People

It’s amazing what someone will do for the cause. Now, it’s worth noting that you can’t force anyone to mark their body without consent. Their body is their own and no one else’s. Still, if they are game then it’s worth considering. Think of it this way – how many times have you seen this method before? Once, maybe twice? So, it isn’t played out yet it is clearly successful. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t stick in your head (excuse the pun). A website on a person’s forehead, then, is going to draw more attention than on a business card. Homeless people are also good choices.

On Bathroom Walls

Take a glance at the walls the next time you’re stood or sat there doing your business. You’ll find they are full of writing and messages left by others. The chances are you know this already because the graffiti catches your attention. Logic dictates that regular people will dot the same when they are on the toilet. Therefore, public restrooms are fantastic places to come up with a creative marketing plan. Even a small piece at eye-level will work wonders. As people relieve their bladders, they’ll relieve the boredom too and absorb the information better.

On Machinery

Parts are pointless is something you’ll hear a lot in marketing circles. The machine is covered so there is no way to see the slogan. Therefore, it negates the point. In some respects, this is true and you should be aware of the fact. However, there are products which operate on the outside and are perfect for marketing. Take a look at these farm sprayer nozzles. Do you see the engraving in the plastic? The message is hard to spot from a distance but people clean and remove accessories all of the time. When they do, they’ll be bound to see the text.


These are the tests websites use to see if users are real or robots. You’ll use them if you want to stop clickbait from automated services. The good news is that you can turn from a negative into a positive with a subtle piece of advertising. All you have to do is add the brand to the equation that the user has to work out to continue. Not only do they need to focus on getting it right, but they will appreciate the creativity, too.

Have you got any more you’d like to add to the list?

*This is a contributed post.