Content Flow Chart

Try these content styles to shake things up.

Content types or content styles can differ depending on the type of information you are trying to convey. Though there are a trillion topics that you can write about, there are only a few basic styles in which to present your information. Pick the style that best suits your content type and your style of delivery. You can always and match these styles into your posting schedule to give your readers some variety.

How To or Instructional Post
These post help you to solve a problem or accomplish a specific task. For posting ideas, look at the problems you have encountered in the past. What was the solution that you came up with to resolve the problem? Write them down and turn them into a post. If you had this problem at one time, you know others will too.

Top 10 List
These are fun and easy to produce. I have added a Top 5 list into my posting schedule. I refer to it as Top 5 Tuesdays. Choose a subject and develop a list from it. Use your imagination and let your creativity flow. Your list doesn’t have to be centered around your blog theme, just pick something that interests you.  I’ve picked topics such as, Top 5 Other Places to Write and Top 5 Things Every Successful Blog Must Have. Do you have some great photos stored on your drive? Incorporate a Top 10 List around one of your favorite photos. Use your list and photo and post them together on your blog.

An Infographic is a customized image that displays information. There are several tools online that you can use to create your infographic. The tools I’ve seen run around $20.00 to $30.00 a month. If you really want to include an infographic, but don’t want to spend the money, break out a blank piece of paper and some colored pens and create your own. Check out the basic infographic I created a while back. All I used was a piece of paper and a Sharpie.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, need I say more. Do you have a library full of great photos? Use one of these images as a post with a link back to your site. Don’t have an image library yet? Most phones have excellent cameras, so grab you phone and start shooting.

Do you have an instructional post that is better seen than read, then create a video. Develop your video and create your own YouTube channel. YouTube is the 3rd ranked site behind Google and Facebook. Use the power behind YouTube to take advantage of this great resource.

These are just a sampling of the styles, I included the basic and most popular in this post with the hopes that it will help you add some zing into your posting schedule. No one wants to eat the same flavor of ice cream day after day. The same goes with your posts. Pick and choose between these different styles to liven up your blog. Your readers will appreciate the variety.

To your success.