Summer is here and it is time to go places. If you are like me, you are a solopreneur (solo-entrepreneur, we handle all of the day-to-day tasks) and taking a break can be difficult.

Here are some tips to set your blog on autopilot while to take a much needed break.

Set your post on autopilotUse the WordPress Feature to Schedule Your Post
Write your posts in advance and use the auto scheduler to automatically post your blog to your site.
Scroll down to the Publish section. Click on the Edit link beside Publish immediately. Set the date and time to publish your post. Then click on the OK button. Your post will be sitting there, waiting to be published. If for some reason your need to change the publish date, just click on the Edit link below the calendar.

Social Media Management Systems
Use Hootsuite, Buffer or a similar program to automatically post to your social media sites. I use Hootsuite and love the auto-post capability. It is easy to use, sit down and create your posting list. Upload the file to Hootsuite.
My Twitter feed stayed constant and no one knew that I was in sunny Las Vegas for a week.

Set your blog to autopilot.

Schedule Guest Posts
If you are going to be away for a little while and might miss a posting date, talk to a couple of your blogging friends and ask them to write a guest post.
Let your friends write the post, then use the auto-scheduler function in WordPress to schedule your post. This keeps your content up-to-date and it’s a great way to bring in new readers.

Keep Spam at Bay While You are Away
Use Akismet to handle the spam comments that come to your site.  We are all inundated with spam comments and emails. Akisment sits in the background and monitors your comments. When it sees a spammed comment, it will pull it off your site and place it into a spam folder. After 15 days, Akismet will automatically delete the spam comment.

Take a break. Enjoy some time with your family. Go somewhere or just sit back and relax for awhile. By setting your blog on autopilot, you will be able to enjoy some much needed rest. Schedule your blog posts and social media posts/tweets to automatically be updated. Have a friend or other writing partner write a guest post for your site. Sit back and enjoy your time while knowing that your blog is running seamlessly behind the scenes.

To your success,

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