Doubt2This post is an expanded version of my recent mini-post titled, Top 3 Self-Doubt Excuses for not Writing and What to Do about It.
We all encounter self-doubt from time to time, whether we are training for a marathon, writing that next Great American Novel, or just trying something new. We all get it. The problem is not that we get the self-doubt; the problem is that we let it linger and eat up our aspirations and dreams. Learn to overcome your self-doubt by following these tips.

I Do Not Know What to Write About

  • Mind mapping is a brain storming technique where you write down a central topic in the middle of a piece of paper and include all of your ideas that are associated with that topic.
  • Just start writing anything that comes to mind. If you are still having problems, write down the instructions on how to make a paper airplane.
  • Read the works of great writers, fiction or non-fiction, newspapers or magazines, online or offline. Start reading and ideas will come to you.
  • Check out what is trending in your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts.

Why Write, No One Will Read It Anyway

  • Develop great content. Practice makes perfect. Just a baseball player practices their craft, so should a writer.
  • Use social media to drive traffic to your site. Twitter is a fantastic way to announce your post. This in turn will drive traffic to your site and increase your following.
  • Advertise yourself by guest posting on other sites. There are many blogs that accept guest posts. Email or tweet the owner and ask if they accept guest posts. Don’t wait for someone to ask you, be proactive.

I Do Not Have Enough Time to Write

  • Make writing a priority. Schedule an hour a day to write or set a goal of 500 words. The goal here is to write.
  • We find time for the things that are important to us. If sitting on the couch watching a television show is more important than your writing, then you will make all kinds of excuses not to write.

I Am Not a Writer

  • Positive thoughts bring positive results.
  • If you sit down at your computer and write 500 words a day or stay at the keyboard for an hour writing, then you are a writer. Period.
  • Be proud of your writing because you are the only one who can produce your content the way that you do.
  • Refer to yourself as a writer or a blogger. Do not say, “I’m hoping to be a writer,” or “I want to be a blogger.” Always use the positive. Start saying, “I am a writer,”  “I am a blogger,” or “I can do this!”

Have you used one of these excuses? Did I describe you? I know I saw myself in this post. It’s just human nature…
The problems start when we let the self-doubt eat at us, which makes us stop doing the things we love. Follow these tips when you encounter self-doubt to get yourself back on track to reach your goals. Start writing, reading and making the time for the things you enjoy. Make self-doubt a temporary bump in the road and don’t let it become a mountain of an obstacle.

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