From the late 90s to the late 2010s, advertising has seen so many major transformations. What is this due to? The technology seems to have been the sole cause of everything we see now but actually, we as human beings have evolved. Our needs and wants have changed as the world has changed and thus, business has had to find new ways of conforming to fulfill them. In the late 90s, there were websites with banners that used big bold font with flashing text to get people to click on them. That would transport someone to a page where they could buy a product. In the early 2000s, we saw the new age of PPC ads and pop-ups. The banners had now been transformed to slideshows of images and text, while the pop-ups were still new windows of attention-grabbing content. Now in the 2010s, human beings are not falling for primitive techniques, they want content. Why? Well, they want you to give them reasons to give you their money. Here are the reasons why content is king.

Robots can go home

Shoving a bunch of ads in someone’s face is not going to give off the right vibes. It might seem like you’re just trying to fish for a prospective customer, but consumers have changed the culture. They can sit back, take their time, and buy whatever they want whenever they want. And if they miss your offer, oh well because there’s always something new on the horizon. In fact, just relying on ads makes you seem robotic. A robotic company with no genuine concern for their customers and no attempt at making a connection will be shunned by the modern consumer.

Do they know you?

You’re in a strange paradox these days as a business owner. You want to appeal to both new and old consumers alike. Therefore when you have a blog, this gives you the perfect opportunity to write as if you’re meeting someone for the first time and tell them what you’re about, but also you can use familiar jargon with consumers that already know you to make them feel as if they’re at home.

Set yourself apart

With content, you can brand yourself how you want. It’s one thing to have a unique logo, slogan, color theme, and even unique products but with a purposeful internet marketing campaign to create content for branding your business, you set yourself apart to your exact specificity. If you would like to focus on what key area of your business such as if you were an electric self-powered bike company, you want your brand to focus on the eco-friendly part more than the bikes themselves, that is what you can do.

Emotional appeal

With content such as an interview or a video advertisement, you can use visuals, storytelling, and use an emotional angle to sell your products and services. With a blog post, you can use stories from your customers to make a point, show others how your business changed their lives and helped them.

There are multiple reasons why content is king. The number one reason is, your business gets a voice and inherently, you enter into a dialogue with consumers. Your blogs and videos can then make the case for how your business can help or better lives.

*This is a contributed post.