Blogging can be a fickle business. You can work really hard to produce great content, yet your reader numbers remain low. You might think that you’re doing all you can to promote your blog properly, but are you missing a trick or two?

Take a look at these basic promotion tips to see if there’s anything missing from your blog promotion strategy.

Include tags

Tags are an important way to categorize your content so that people can find your blog posts easily. Tags will make it easier for people to search for blogs on the relevant topics, particularly through blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. You can add a plugin to hide your tags if you don’t want them visible to your readers.

Boost your SEO

Getting your SEO right is important for helping people to find your blog using search engines. It’s worth studying up on SEO basics for your blog to make sure you’re doing everything you can. Choose a strong keyword that will help people to stumble upon your blog and create useful meta descriptions to add more value to your search engine results. If you’re still unsure about SEO, it might be worth bringing an expert to help you get started.

Use your social media accounts

Think of your social media accounts as the perfect companions for your blog. You can use your Facebook and Twitter to push your latest posts to your followers and to encourage them to read, like and share your content. Instagram is another great platform for promoting your blog, provided you can include some strong visuals and use the relevant hashtags. When you create a blog post, make sure that you also include a social media promotion strategy to go alongside it. Remember that you can always promote old posts to help increase page views as well as capitalize on different holidays and calendar dates that could have relevance to your posts.

Embrace Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top tools for promoting your blog. So many people use Pinterest as a way to increase their page views by the thousands and it’s simple to get started. Check out this guide on Pinterest followers to learn more about how you can use Pinterest to boost your blog. There are tools available to help make it easier to use Pinterest for promotion, including scheduling tools like Tailwind that make it quick and easy to promote your posts. Pinterest is also a great platform for discovering other blogs and finding interesting reads, so it could help you get inspiration for future blog posts too.


How often do you engage with your readers? Engagement can help you to increase the number of views and also help you feel more connected to your readers. Engage with your readers by replying to their comments, commenting on their blogs and even including backlinks to their content. There are many ways you can engage with your visitors, and you’ll see a great payoff if you do.

Guest blogs

Guest blogs are a great way to promote your blog to new audiences. By inviting other bloggers to post on your blog, you can benefit from the exposure of their following, as well as help some benefit from yours. You can also seek opportunities to write guest posts for other bloggers to experience the same exposure. Guest blogs are great because they don’t cost anything, and can be a good way for you to keep your content going when you’re in the middle of a busy period.

Join communities

For the most part, the blogging community is a friendly one. Bloggers understand each other’s struggles and want to help each other out as much as possible. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll find different blogging community groups for different niches where people share their content and have others respond to it. This can be a great way to make some contacts in the blogging community, especially in your local area. A quick search on Facebook will lead you to different community groups that you’ll need to request access to join. If you are going to go down this route then you must be prepared to engage with others if you want people to engage with you.

Attracting more readers to your blog is important if you want it to grow and you want to benefit from monetization opportunities. Make sure you tick all the boxes for promotion to grow your blog readership and turn your blog into a must-read.

*This is a contributed post.