Welcome, my name is Dan and I’m a blogger just like you.
I started my blogging journey in 2013. Why do I call it a journey, because blogging is a never-ending learning experience.
I started out by reading books and listening to podcasts about blogging. I thought “This is easy!! I can do this!!” It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Just put out your blog and people will find it. Throw in an eBook and VOILA, I’ll be making money online.

Wow. Was I naive! And I quickly found out that it doesn’t work that way…

I’m closing in on blogging for six years. That’s six years of giving you the best blogging tips and tricks for beginners or anyone else who wants to blog.

I started this blog on a dream. I did not want to do the normal 9 to 5 anymore.

You see by day I’m a mild-mannered technical writer. But on nights and on weekends I write the content that you read every week.

Is it easy?


Am I going to stop?



I have a dream of being an entrepreneur. I have a dream of taking control of my life. No more boring 9 to 5.

Probably just like you. How do I know that? Well, you are here reading this…

My day starts at 4:30 AM. I get up and get ready for work. I’m out the door at 5:30 AM, dreading the hour-long drive to a job that I don’t want to do. I spend 8 and a half hours there, then start the hour-long drive back home.

Probably just like you.

Am I right? I thought so.

So, what change are you going to make to make your dream a reality?

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How to create QUALITY backlinks.

How to create QUALITY backlinks.

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