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How to monetize your free WordPress blog.

My two posts about how to monetize your website was pretty popular. A lot of great comments and questions came from that post. One, in particular, was can you monetize a free website?

So today’s blogging tip is about how to monetize a free WordPress website.


Affiliate Links

The short answer is Yes, you can add affiliate links to your post. But there is one stipulation, you can add affiliate links to your blog as long as your main concern is to generate content. WordPress has given you the website for you to create and they don’t want to see it littered with spammy sites.

So keep writing great content and if there’s an opportunity to add an affiliate link, then add it. The Amazon Affiliate program is a great place to start.

I recommend these books if you are looking for more information on affiliate marketing.


Selling Physical or Digital Products

If you want to seel your physical or digital products on your website, you can do it with the addition of a PayPal button or link.

But if you upgrade your account to the Business Plan, you can sell directly from your site with the integration of the WooCommerce plugin. That makes things a little easier.


Sponsored Posts

Here’s another great way to make money off of your website. Sponsor posts are posts written by another company and they are placed on your website for a fee. These posts are geared towards your normal website subject and used to create some link juice for the other company (or companies).

If this is something that you are interested in doing, then check out bloggersconnected or Blog Meets Brand or The Blogger Hub.

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