Not all of the marketing for your blog is going to be done from the sweet, sweet comfort of your desk chair at home. If you want the most lucrative partnerships and the best relations with other bloggers, then you need to stretch your legs and attend a blogger’s conference every now and then. Here, we’re looking at a few ways to start off on the right foot.

Making a Grand Entrance at Your First Blogger Conference

Making a Grand Entrance at Your First Blogger Conference

Research the attendees

Before you plan your angle, you need to know who exactly you’re angling at. During the lead up to a conference, the organizers are likely going to be reaching out to their biggest confirmed attendants. They might have a list of them on their website. Bloggers and business attendees will also likely be participating in a social media campaign with the organizers or will have their own marketing buildup. Use hashtags as well as the organizer’s social media channel to figure out who is going, who will be a valuable part of your blogging network, and how best to win them to your side.

Prepare the pitch

How exactly you pitch potential partnerships with the other attendees depends on who the other attendees are, what you want from them, and what you can offer them. However, when it comes to demonstrating the potential and real reach of the blog, as well as the overall brand appeal and your marketing plans, bringing a media kit can offer a huge advantage. Trying to sell your blog to people without the data and graphics there to back it up makes for a very painful process.

Prepare your pitch.

Prepare your pitch.

Bring the brand

If you don’t invest anything into real life branding, then you’re going to end up looking like most first-time attendees: a regular old person. Remember that this is a business trip, so prepare accordingly. Creating a branded t-shirt design can really help you stand out and give you a little professional appeal. Don’t forget to print out business cards featuring the brand, as well. If you land a speaking spot or a booth in future, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring merch you can hand out to attendees.

Make the most of it

Unless you’re writing a blog for bloggers, it’s worth being wary of the idea of making your blog about blogging. However, a conference is a great opportunity to show your audience how marketing works, it creates a buzz and an idea that you’re out there hustling and moving. Using social media to livetweet or otherwise offer some coverage for the conference will offer your audience a peek in and provide some interesting new content for them. What’s more, the event organizers are likely to approve and might give you a little further signal boosting, helping you reach new audiences.

The blogger’s conference is an excellent way to learn about the latest trends in content marketing, to build better connections with other influencers, and to find those businesses that can help you up the monetization of your blog. Make sure you’re attending at least three every year.

*This is a contributed post.