Whether you’re selling a service or a physical product, there are plenty of wrong and right ways to market something. The cause for your low sales volume might not have anything to do with the product itself. In fact, there are hundreds of products that go on sale every year that have absolutely no problems and are great value for money. The problem isn’t necessarily in the product or service itself, but how it’s marketed.

A great example of this is comparing the ever-popular Apple iPhone with lesser-known brands such as OnePlus or Huawei. While the iPhone towers above other manufacturers in terms of sale, OnePlus and Huawei both offer value-oriented smartphones for a fraction of the price. It’s a rather extreme example, but it demonstrates how powerful marketing can trump common sense.

While you might not be reaching Apple levels of fame and success, there are a couple of lessons we can learn from renowned products such as the iPhone. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can make your own product stand out in five simple steps.


Be original

A fundamental concept of any great product design is to be original. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cakes or computers, you need to be as original as possible if you want to stand out. How you do this will depend on the product or service you offer, but originality doesn’t just apply to what you’re offering–it also applies to your marketing materials and how you promote your product.

Label it properly

There’s nothing worse than an incorrectly labeled product or something that doesn’t even have a label in the first place. Make sure you look for appropriate labeling solutions to help your customers identify your products when they’re in stores, and to give enough information to them regarding how to use your product, ingredients (if necessary) and so on. It’s essential that you label your products correctly!

Have a purpose

Ask yourself what the purpose of your company, product or service is. Is it to show people how easy it is to learn to drive, or do you want to empower children with technology? Every company has a message and a purpose, so make sure you stick to your mantra and show it to your customers through the products you offer.

Be creative on social media

Companies like Wendy’s are social media juggernauts because they know how to balance internet culture with effective advertising. There aren’t many companies in the world that are capable of utilizing social media so effectively and creatively, and you’d be surprised at just how few companies are even willing to get on social media outside of posting boring messages like “our product came out today, try it out!”.

Don’t be fake

Lastly, don’t be a fake company. Tell your customers how your products are doing, let them know when there are problems and don’t hide behind your reputation or else it could come crashing down when people realize that you’re not being truthful. Be honest and let your customers know you care about their loyalty to you.

*This is a contributed post.