This unofficially is SEO month.

Adding Keywords

What are they and what are they good for?

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How to use keywords in your blog post.

Keywords are basically the subject that you want to write about. For me, it would be how to start a blog or blogging tips and tricks. You use keywords to drive traffic to your website or blog. If you remember the post that I wrote for Red Surge Technology, I stated that there are three things that influence your rank on Google. Domain authority, domain age, and relevant content. We can’t do too much about the first two, but the relevant content is totally in our hands. Google is looking for well-written relevant content. They are not looking for keyword stuffed articles.

There’s that word again, keywords.

So what is the best way to use keywords to drive traffic to your site? First, you have to understand the two types of keywords.

Short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are keyword phrases that are three words or less.
iPhone, running shoes, pizza, or blogging tips.
It is very difficult to break into a short tail keyword category.

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that have more than three words.
best blogging tips for beginners, best running shoes for men, best pepperoni stuffed crust pizza
It is easier to break into a long tail keyword category.

Now that you have decided on what type of keyword to use. Hopefully, you’ll decide to go with long tail keywords, it’s time to see where we can strategically use these keywords.

keyword blogging tips, seo keyword tips

Use keywords to drive traffic to your blog post.

Use keywords in your blog post title.

Use keywords in your blog post title. Wordsmith your title a few times so your keyword phrase fits naturally.
Not that your title is set. It’s time to work on your URL.

For example, my title is Adding Keywords into Your Blog Post. If I let WordPress make the URL it would be adding-keywords-into-your-blog-post. That’s kind of long. So I shortened it to keyword-blogging-tips. Short, sweet, and the Google bot and anyone else who reads it will know exactly what this post is about. They would have known what the longer URL meant too. But I like to keep my URLs to three or four words.

Use one or two keywords in a blog post

Use your keyword phrase in your blog post. There are several places where I like to use them. Add them to your introduction and at least one time in the body of the post. The key here is to not be spammy Do overuse your keywords. Always write for your reader and not for Google. Your post should flow and be natural.

Use keywords in your image Alt-tags

Did you think of that? Yes, images are important too. If you don’t believe me, do a Google search on best pepperoni stuffed crust pizza and click on the images tab at the top. Nothing but pictures of pepperoni stuffed crust pizza!! Those pictures are there because they used the Alt-tag in their image.

I hope these keyword tips help you when you write your next blog post. Start by adding your keyword phrase into your title and work down from there. But remember, do not over-do your keywords. Google knows…

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