Every blogger wants a loyal fanbase that reads each and every one of their posts. There are several ways in which you can encourage readers to make return visits to your blog. Here are just five tips to consider…

Post content regularly

If you’re not publishing new posts regularly enough, chances are that readers will get bored of waiting for new content. Some readers may even assume that you’ve stopped blogging if you go several months without posting new content. Ideally, you should be publishing at least one new post a week – this will stop readers growing impatient.

Consider keeping to a schedule

Posting content on specific days at specific times can make it easy for readers to keep track of when you post new content. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit down and write these posts at these set times each week – it’s often possible to schedule posts to go up at a certain time. You can even write several posts in one day and queue them up to be published at certain times.

Post content on social media and encourage readers to follow you

The majority of loyal blog readers will use social media to keep updated on new content. If you haven’t got a Facebook and Twitter page set up for your blog, you may want to seriously consider creating pages. You can use a plug-in to automatically share new posts on social media the moment they are published. It’s also possible to add social media buttons to your blog that allows readers to automatically follow you on Facebook and Twitter when clicked – you can read a handy guide on how to do this here https://xomisse.com/blog/add-social-media-buttons-to-blog/.

Set up an email mailing list

You can also keep readers updated on new content by asking them to join your mailing list and then emailing them every time a new post is up. Software as found at https://www.palomasoftware.com/postman/email-newsletter-software/ can allow you to create email templates. You can encourage readers to join your mailing list on your blog either by adding a place for people to sign up in the sidebar or creating a pop-up for anyone that visits the site. Email mailing lists can also be used to send news and promotions related to your blog.

Enable comments on your posts

Another way to encourage return readers is to enable comments. This allows interaction with readers and can help discussions to take place – this will motivate readers to return in order to read replies to their comments. Try to get involved in the comments yourself – many readers that leave comments direct these at the author. You can find information on how to add comments at sites such as http://www.pigsgourdsandwikis.com/2008/11/how-to-add-comments-to-blog-post.html. Many blogs use Google Plus and Facebook as primary ways of enabling comments, whilst other blogs create their own comment system that requires readers to sign up.

*This is a contributed post.