Five Legit Ways to Monetize Your Website, Part 2.

Five Legit Ways to Monetize Your Website, Part 2.

Welcome to the second part of my series, Five Legit Ways to Monetize Your Website. In my last post, I covered affiliate links and eBooks. I think there was a bunch of good information in that post. I hope that it gave you some ideas and that you are on the road to monetizing your website.

In today’s post, I’m going to cover three other options to monetize your website.


No, it’s not begging. It’s more giving people an option if they want to donate. You can set one up pretty easy using PayPal.
Note, there is a small fee for using their service.
Download the button and place it on your website. If someone wants to donate, they simply click on the button, enter an amount, and it gets added to your PayPal account. I haven’t tried this yet, but I see it a lot on WordPress plugin sites.

Create a membership site

A membership site is a pretty slick thing. For it, you develop member only content that requires special member status to access.  You can develop special member content such as premium blog content, special how-to videos, or allow your members special access you to ask questions (office hours). There are several WordPress plugins that you can use to build a membership site.

This one doesn’t count in the list, it’s a freebie because Patreon is the combination of accepting donations and creating a membership site. It is a place where people donate to you and in turn, they receive something in return, such as premium (subscriber only) content.
First, you have to set up the rewards for your site. For example:
The Red Reward at $1.00.
The White Reward at $5.00.
The Blue Reward at $10.00.
The Star Reward at $20.00.
Then you set up the rewards for each donation category. So you could set something up like:
The Red Reward is a shout out on your blog or podcast.
The White Reward is a sign up for member-only content, plus the Red Reward.
The Blue Reward is a guest spot on your podcast plus the Red Reward and the White Reward.
The Star Reward is a copy of your eBook plus the Red Reward, the White Reward, and the Blue Reward.

Kind of a slick idea. If that’s something that you are interested in then head over to and sign up. It’s easy.

Accept sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are where you let someone else (or a company) write a post that you then post on your website. But it’s not a guest post. A guest post is an article that helps your readers, the author is introduced to a new reader group in return for them writing a post. A sponsored post is where a someone (a company) writes a post, basically an advertisement, and it gets placed on your website. You are compensated of course.
There are certain rules that need to be followed when accepting sponsored posts and again the FTC has it all laid out. They basically want to you announce that this is a sponsored post. Check out this FTC page for more information.

There are a couple ways to get sponsored posts.
#1 You can advertise and let someone run a Google search to find you.
#2 Check out Bloggers Connected at They connect bloggers with big brands in kinds of different industries. Check them out at

As an extra bonus, here are two other ways you can monetize your website.

Create a coaching class. Do you have a skill that others may want to learn? Start a coaching class to teach others.

Build a niche site. This goes along the lines of affiliate marketing but finely tuned to one product or niche. Is there a new line of hamster cages on the market? One that all of the hamsters are just dying for? Create a website. Develop some content to advertise the new hamster cage design. Add affiliate links to that page.

I hope you enjoyed this series. It was definitely fun to write, and I learned a thing or two along the way too.
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Until next time, keep your pen to the paper and keep writing.