If you are hoping to start your own business this year or a blog, one of the first things you will want to sit down and decide on is your brand name. A domain name is a name you will give to your website and to any subsequent social media accounts that you decide to open. This will be a name that everyone can immediately recognize and will be a name that you use to promote your products or your content. Your domain name is your brand, so choosing a good one is crucial for success. Here is how you can choose a great domain name for your website.

Easy to remember

The whole idea behind a domain name is finding a name that people remember and can easily type into their search engine to find your content. Make sure not to go for anything too complex when choosing a domain name. You can take advantage of a pun or a joke to make your name memorable too, and this will give audiences an idea of the type of site you are.

Short and sweet

Whatever you do, don’t make your domain name a huge paragraph worth of text. No one wants to spend weeks of their lives trying to remember your full brand name, and they will give up pretty easily and choose someone else instead. Keep things simple as easy to type. For example, if you have a name such as ‘As seen on screen’ you can shorten the domain name to ASOS.

Use keywords

In marketing, keywords are an essential tool to use for your brand. Keywords are any word which someone would type into a search engine in order to find you. You need to use keywords throughout your website and in your content to attract people and bots to your website when a keyword is searched for. Using Keyword and Domain Tools, you can take a keyword and use this as part of your domain. For example, if you were a decorating firm, you could use a domain like homedecoratorsdirect.com or something similar. This will make it easier for you to show up on the top of search results.

Target your local area 

Unless you plan to be a global company, it might be easier for your use your local area as part of your domain name. Let’s say for example that you are a cafe in Manchester. You could use a domain name like poppiescafemanchester.co.uk. This allows everyone in the local area to find you easily and it will distinguish you from any other cafes that may have the same name as you but in different parts of the world.

Don’t use numbers

A lot of the time you might think it would be great to add numbers into your domain name, but a lot of the time numbers make it more difficult to remember and it makes the domain not look as professional. Stick to words or phrases and keep it simple so that people can always find you when they need to.

*This is a contributed post.