GuestPostDueGuest posting is a great way showcase your writing and to gain new followers. More importantly, guest posting is a great opportunity to develop a working relationship with other bloggers. If this is something you are interested in, then run a quick Google search using – now accepting guest posts, or something similar. This will give you a list of sites that are advertising for guest post.
If you are ready to start guest posting be sure to follow these rules for a successful guest post.

Guest Posting Do’s

• Create a professional social media account. Some sites will use your social media accounts to verify that you are a legit blogger and not someone out there promoting their wares and spamming.
• Read the submission guidelines. If you feel you are a fit, follow the submission guidelines to get the process rolling.
• Develop great content. Your content should be clean and free from links to the outside. Your post should exceed the required word count (not including your bio).
• Create a world class bio. Most sites will allow links to your social media account or to your website.
• Use a professional image in your author bio.
• Keep it professional. Meet or exceed the site owner’s expectations. Meet or exceed all deadlines.

Guest Posting Don’ts

• Do not plagiarize the work of others.
• Do not randomly submit your article without prior approval. In most cases, your email will be deleted.
• Do not be self-promotional in your post.
• Do not stuff your post with links.
• Do not think you are going to outsmart the site owner. Because when push comes to shove and there is any doubt, they will simply delete your post from their site.

If you are a serious blogger, then I recommend that you give guest posts a chance.
Develop great content, create a killer author bio, and work with the site owner to make your post standout on their site. Though a guest post may not pay, it is a great opportunity to gain exposure, new readers and to make new contacts. Give it a chance, be professional and follow these guidelines and I am sure your guest posting experience will be successful.
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