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I really stumbled on using the concept of multiple personas for Twitter by accident.

I have been in multiple businesses over the years and have learned a little bit about people.  I enjoy helping others and I also enjoy picking apart aspects of tasks to see if we can make them more efficient or more useful in solving a need.

Fast forward to last year.  I started using social media for the first time.  And just like everything else, the amount of things you need to learn to feel like you are ready to take the leap is almost paralyzing and overwhelming.

I did not want fear to slow me down, but I also did not want a lack of knowledge to hinder me either.  So I decided that before I wanted to put myself out there as myself, I would create a pen name to go by.

I started on Twitter and a few other social media platforms with this new name.  I did not know anything about Twitter.  I wanted this persona to be free to learn, grown and make mistakes.  At the same time, I was also working on blogging.  Again, being new to all of this, I was not sure what I wanted for a niche if anything nor in what direction it would take me.

I had been watching and learning from others on Twitter for a while and saw that other people had multiple twitter accounts.  I felt that the audience I was building on Twitter would not be interested in a blog or even what I wanted to say.  This was not going to be a good scenario for me if I wanted to eventually monetize a blog or even start a new business.

At the same time, I started to notice one of the major issues online is finding enough places to get seen.  I saw this as another reason why others had multiple Twitter accounts.  So while I was starting a persona for my blog, I also tried to start a persona to promote others.  The interesting thing was that neither of these personas was achieving success and I was finding it hard to attract the right type of audience.

Then my husband and I began trying a new business to sell a service, so yet another persona was born.  Sadly, it was very difficult for me to market ourselves under the company’s guidelines and no one seemed interested in what I was trying to tweet about.

Soon another persona was born when I felt as though my means to monetize my blog were not working well and I started my new platform to promote other bloggers.

If you are keeping track, I had gotten up to (6) different Twitter personas.  But wait there is one more… soon I was partnering with another amazing blogger and we created persona # 7.

I do not suggest everyone go out and create persona upon persona but for me, I will tell you some interesting things I have learned from this.

1)            No one persona will satisfy the interests of everyone – Twitter is such an amazing space.  There are so many people with different interests or passions, so many topics or niches to explore.  I do have crossover followers, but it amazes me every day where people end up.  I have blogger followers on personas that I did not expect and thought they would be on my blog community.  Go figure.

2)            Knowledge potential – because you have different followers, you get to see posts from so many different people about an unlimited number of topics.  Every day I look at each of these personas and I can see a tweet about practically every type of niche.

3)            Limitless traffic opportunities – right now as I said I have at least (7) different Twitter platforms.  I don’t say this to boast.  I say this because that means that if everyone that follows me was to ask for a Like & RT or even a follow, I can offer them to be seen by approximately 18K followers, not to mention my other social media platforms.  This is what I love to do, I want people seen!

4)            Don’t limit your creativity – you don’t have to box yourself into one niche or passion.  Create a persona and try different things.  The most amazing things happen by accident.

5)           Spreading out the numbers – Maybe you want to start a business, but you’re not sure how it will be received or you need a set number of people or views before a brand or company will work with you.  Getting those high numbers is hard and takes time.  Having a few personas and those having higher numbers may be a better answer.

As I said, this is something that I do and things I have learned.  I can’t guarantee they work for everyone, but it also may work.

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