ChecklistAny business owner can testify that growing their business takes time and devotion. It’s not like that Kevin Costner movie A Field of Dreams. If you build it, write it, make it, or produce it, they will not necessarily come.

So what are some real tips that you can use to grow your business and client base?

Attend Networking Events

You’ve passed out your business cards to all of your friends and family. Now you need something else to do with them. Why not use them for the reason they were intended?

You can find networking events by checking out:

  • – There are many networking groups within LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn is a business networking site, so what a better place to network.
  • – Check them out for local networking events in your area.
  • – If you live close to one of the major U.S. cities, go check out their website.
  • While you are at the networking event, ask others if there are any other events in your area.

Develop Great Content

Two facts that every business needs to know:
1. Content is King.
2. Google loves an updated web site. An updated website helps you in the Google search rankings.

Content types or content styles can differ depending on the type of information you are trying to convey. Though there are a trillion topics that you can write about, there are only a few basic content styles. Pick the style that best suits your content type and your style of delivery. Then mix and match these styles into your posting schedule.

  1. How To or The Instructional Post
  2. Top 10 List
  3. Infographic
  4. Image
  5. Video


The money is in the follow-up. Period.

  1. Schedule some time (that night or first thing the next day) after your networking event to send follow-up emails. Do not wait or keep putting it off. The follow-up email keeps your conversation flowing and it keeps your name and your business in front of your new prospect.
  2. Make those follow-up phone calls. Just like the follow-up email, it is important to keep those conversations going. I know picking up the phone and calling is difficult for many business owners, but you will leave money on the table if you do not make those follow up calls.

I hope these tips help you to grow your business. I know that you know you should be doing all of these, but for some reason you are not doing them or are picking and choosing the easy ones. Get out there and network. You will be some great people and have some fun. Then when you are finished with the event, write those follow-up emails. You’d be surprised how many people do not follow up.

Take some time to develop a posting schedule and start writing great content for your site. This will keep your site fresh and updated.
Get out there, get going, and grow your business. Remember, it’s getting into your UNCOMFORT ZONE is where the magic happens.

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