When social media first came about, people were so glad they could finally communicate with their friends at all times. Looking at holiday pictures of their parents and talking with complete strangers about topics they loved, the public consumers were having a ball. But for businesses, it was a great time too, because now they could reach any customer in the world at any time. The early days of spamming and just shouting at the top of your lungs on social media to get leads and generate interest look quite embarrassing right now. The way social media has evolved when you look at how it’s used shows that for any business that wants to gather interest, they need to first give. But what can you give to millions and millions of people that they will mostly respond positively towards? People have rough lives of long days and hectic personal issues. So inspiration to carry on, fight through the pain, and to seek to reach new heights gets people to react so positively. Utilize this tactic to increase traffic flow to your business.


The powerful message

Lots of social media accounts purely dedicated to sharing inspirational messages exist. Normal people with no business interest run them but absolutely any business can learn from them. Facebook and Twitter are the two most powerful platforms that this kind of rhetoric is common. People just heading out for a long day or an intense situation click on these accounts and read their posts and look at their pictures to give themselves motivation. This technique is just one way to achieve mlm leads. Network marketing leads are exactly how it sounds. You’re trying to market your business on networking sites i.e. social media. There are the technically advanced and complex strategies of mlm but the technique on the front end is easy to understand. You upload a picture that is somehow related to your message, you write a post that is aspirational and full of hope but not cliche. You link in your business or product to your post and hope those who see it interact with it.


Provide specific examples

It’s a lot more complex than you might think to give people inspiration. You can’t be so cliche that they’ve heard it before. What impacts people right away is originality. Something they haven’t ever read or heard before will be taken seriously and make them stop in their tracks for a minute. Provide them with specific examples of great success stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s in sports, movies, education, local communities, world events, business etc. The more genuine you are, you’re going to feel it and try to do the best you can. It becomes a part of your business strategy to not trust your products and services into people’s faces. Give them something so they feel as if you’re not surfing the social media waves trying to get trending.

Inspiration is an extremely powerful tool. It can move the mountains and the oceans. Businesses need to start relating their products to success stories or give consumers a reason to see your business as something more than a business by really wanting to change lives.

*This is a contributed post.