Getting the biggest ROI from your blog post.

Get the biggest ROI from your blog post.

When I started blogging, I would take a week to develop a post. Then early Sunday morning, I would send my fledgling post out into the digital world to be free. There I sat like a proud poppa staring at my new creation. “People will love this post,” I’d think to myself. The only problem was, no one was coming to my site. Sure, I’d get a few people to read my post, like my wife and my daughters, but that was about it. So as you can imagine, that equaled about five people a week.

I wrote it and there it sat, like an expired loaf of bread on the shelf, no one was looking it. I needed to do something to get a bigger return from my hard work. That’s when I started looking at my post as a multifaceted document and no longer just a single blog post.

Here are some things that you can use to get a few more miles out of your blog posts.

Post It to Your Site
Of course you are going to post your work on your site, but make sure you also post it to social sharing sites such as or on any of the other social sites on the web. These sites give you great exposure and are great for generating traffic to your site.

Use your new blog post in your social media.

Use your blog post to fuel your social media.

Break It down into Pieces and Use It for Your Social Media
Are you on Twitter, Facebook or one of the other social media platforms? Use your new post and take advantage of them. Reread your post and look for the key points in your article. Then use them in your social media.
The social media platforms I use are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For starts, I would post a link to my article on Facebook and LinkedIn. Then I would reread my article and look for the key points in the post. I would then use those points in my Twitter feed (or Tweets).
For example, I’d break this post up as
#1 – Get the biggest bang from you blog post, take the key points and use them in your social media
#2 – Get the biggest bang from you blog post, make sure you are using the other social media platforms too.
#3 – Hey #bloggers get a bigger bang for your hard work; make sure you are using social sharing sites such as @BizSugar
#4 – Hey #bloggers, use that post a second time and create a top 10 list
Then at the end of each tweet, I’d add a link to the post, but staying with the 140 character limit. The longest tweet in that list is 115 characters. So, as you can see, creating a bullet point from your post is pretty easy.

Use That List for a Top 5 List (or Top 10) Blog Post to Be Used at a Later Date
Just like tweet #4 said, break your post down a little more and create a Top 5 List. I used top 5 because I have a Top 5 Tuesdays post, but you can use 3, 5, 10, or any number that you choose.
This top list would go something like this:
Get the Biggest Bang From your Blog Posts.
Everyone wants to get the most mileage from their blog post. Check out these 3 quick tips.
1. Use social sharing site such as They are great traffic generating sites.
2. Break your post into pieces and use it for your social media feed.
3. Create a Top 10 List (or Top 3)

I hope these tips help you get a bigger RIO from your blog post. We spend a lot of time developing our post for the world to read. So stop posting it and forgetting it. Get creative and use your post throughout the week, and in different venues to get the maximum mileage from your hard work.