A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.” – Joyce Meyer

Blogs come and go. Create a rock solid and lasting blog by following these simple tips.

I love that quote!! It says it all. If you have the courage to pursue your dreams, to start writing, then there are no limits to where you will end up.

Our topic for February is blogging. We will cover how to get started, how to write, and what to do after you post that article to your website. Here’s a brief overview of the topics that we will discuss.

Blogging 101: Get That Blog up and Running
• Topic Creation
• Different Content Types
• Blogging Tools
• Social Media
• Calls to Action
• Word Press Plugins
• Gain Exposure

I hope you join me in February as we cover everything blogging. If you are new to blogging and not sure what to do, then come back as we cover your questions and you get from an empty screen to a published post. And be sure to join my FREE blogging challenge. Coming next month!!

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Keep your pencils to the paper and I’ll see you next week!!