Hello, my name is Sid, I am a London based food photographer and the owner of Sid’s Paleo Blog. You can find my blog at https://www.sidphotographic.com . My blog is primarily about the life and times of a food photographer who is living an ancestral paleo lifestyle. In this blog I share recipes, talk about nutrition and offer lifestyle tips to others. In addition to this, my blog is also a creative outlet in which I share my photography, my ideas, my inspirations, my loves and my hates.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I first started blogging in late December of 2016. It’s crazy to think I have been blogging for almost 2 years. I have always been quite keen on writing, even as a teenager, I would write poetry and keep a journal. Unfortunately, like most photographers, I have an image only portfolio website, so I thought blogging would be a great way to professionally promote my professional work, while also being able to help others with my recipes and nutritional advice. I feel that I have been quite lucky to be able to combine the two into one blog.


2. Are you a full-time blogger or do you also have another job/career?

My main career as mentioned is a freelance food photographer. It’s fantastic working freelance and not being tied down to a 9-5 job. Sometimes, I’m so busy that I don’t know if I am coming or going! but most of the time I get a day or two free every week. Having a bit of downtime allows me time, to devote to researching, writing and preparing blog posts. I think it’s so important to allow time to create content, particularly if blogging is not your full-time job.

3. What got you started into blogging?

Initially, I wanted to start blogging as an outlet to share my photography. But it just so happened that over the last few years, I had got very involved with nutrition and had myself seen great results from following the paleo movement. I saw a this as a fantastic opportunity to start a blog which both combined my creative photographic vision, together with a written and visual diary of my own paleo experience. Through my own learning and experiences, I am able to offer health and lifestyle tips to others.

4. What is your blog about and how does it help others?

My blog is a combination of being a creative outlet for myself, as well as being a health and lifestyle blog that documents my own personal health journey, and through doing this, it also helps others with their own health and fitness goals.

On the paleo side of things, I share recipes, supplement advice, my own experiences and I try to challenge common health misconceptions – for example, in one blog post I talk about the differences between wild and farmed salmon, and what the health benefits and environmental implications are.  In another blog post, I discuss how food grade supplements are different from pharmaceutical supplements and the health implications of each.

I’ve been on quite a journey myself and I almost see it as my responsibility to share the things that have helped me along the way. It works both ways too, often I will get comments back that vastly help me, and I think that’s the really great thing about blogging.

5. What is working for you and your blog? Why?

For me, its really therapeutic to write and share content. It’s great to get feedback and hear what people think. It helps me with both the creative side of things and also my personal health journey. It goes without saying that the WordPress community is fantastic. Everybody is so positive and supportive. I also get a lot of traffic through search engines from photography clients and it is really great for them to get to see another side of me as opposed to just an image only portfolio based website like you get with most photographers. I find that Instagram stories are also a great way of promoting blog posts.

6. What did not work out so well for your blog? Why?

Like most things, blogging can be a bit of trial and error. When I first started blogging I think its fair to say that there wasn’t much of a thought process with my blog posts. I was making rookie mistakes like not understanding who my audience was. Sometimes my blog posts would be quite short and perhaps not that interesting to anyone except myself. I think it’s important to understand who your audience is, and produce content that they are going to want to engage with. Another pitfall I fell into was posting blog entries at the wrong time of the day – for instance, posting a blog entry at 4am probably isn’t going to get as much coverage as posting one at 6pm in the evening.

7. What tools, programs, apps do you use to create your blog/website (tools that you can’t live without)?

Obviously, the usual social media platforms are great ways to share blog posts. I personally use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In. A great tool to use for scheduling posts is Hootsuite. The WordPress app is great at keeping an eye on visitors to your blog. I have to say that I am a little bit addicted to using google analytics to see how well my blog is doing and how much new traffic is being attracted. Using Yoast to improve on-page SEO is a great WordPress tool. It allows you to highlight keywords and control what keywords you are found under in search engines. It also searches your website for SEO errors and suggests ways to fix them.

8. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting a blog?

I would say the most important thing is to know your audience and regularly create content. A really great thing to do would be to have a lot of content written up before you start blogging. So for instance, you may have 10 blog posts ready to go before you start. Make sure that your content is interesting, and that you post regularly. It is also very important that you engage and network with your audience. If someone comments on your blog post, respond to it. If you engage with your audience, they are likely to subscribe to your content and maybe even share your content. Try to diversify your blog posts, keep your audience coming back and perhaps most importantly, have fun and be passionate about your content.

9. Where can everyone find you?

Blog URL       https://www.sidphotographic.com/

Twitter           https://twitter.com/Sidphotographic

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/Sidphotographic

Instagram      https://www.instagram.com/sid_ali_photography

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