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What Is Your Biggest Frustration When It Comes to Blogging? Frustration Number 5

July 22, 2018 10 Comments

How to Get Comments on Your Blog Post

You spend all that time writing a killer blog post and no one comments on it. What can I do?

You can’t get everyone to comment. That’s just the way it is. There are plenty of people who like and enjoy your work, but stay silent, and that’s okay. Here are my two tips to help encourage your readers to leave a comment.


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  1. Pushpanjali says:

    That is really a useful series, looking forward to the rest of the tips! Thanks Dan for sharing these two simple yet effective tips for getting comments on a blog post.


  2. One thing I’ve definitely learned since blogging is to just respond to every comment you get (unless it’s spam LOL!). Some blog posts I’ve done get comments and some don’t. One thing I do want to do in the future is be the first to comment on a post of my own and see if that increases the engagement. Great post Dan!

    • Dan Swords says:

      Thanks for stopping in. I’m glad you liked the post.
      Comments are a funny thing, you just can’t judge which post will get comments and which ones won’t. But, if you don’t ask, your chances dwindle down…

  3. Xrayvsn says:

    Commenting is especially important for a beginning site. If you are a reader and the blog is just getting off the ground please consider leaving a comment.

    In the early stages of blogging (which I am since my blog is just 3 mo old) commenting may be the only positive reinforcement a fledgling blogger has. The page views are low. There is no little no advertising.

    A new blogger has put considerable time and effort to launch a blog and those first few weeks and months are crucial because many people give up thinking no one cares about it.

    I love comments. It’s pretty much my only currency now and I get a ton of reward interacting with my viewers.

    It takes 4-5 hrs for a post for me to put out and just a 1 or 2 sentence from a comment makes it all seem worthwhile

    • Dan Swords says:

      Hello and thanks for stopping in.
      That is such a great statement, comments are our currency. I never thought of it that way. Great analogy.

  4. DGuy says:

    Very good idea on leaving a CTA to comment and respond. I look forward to seeing the rest of your tips!

  5. Mark Schultz says:

    Good post, Dan, succinct and to the point. You made that so simple, I almost missed it. 😉 Thanks.

    • Dan Swords says:

      Thanks for stopping in Mark
      Short and to the point is how I like to write (shoot videos too).
      Blog posts need to be long enough to cover the facts but short enough to keep them interesting.


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