We are halfway through our Biggest Frustration When It Comes to Blogging list!! The past frustrations were:

5. Writing that epic blog post and no one comments.

4. Overcoming Writer’s Block

Today we cover Frustration Number 3: StumbleUpon. 


It’s the Quality of the Visit That Is Important, Not the Quantity of Visitors

After 16 years, StumbleUpon closed their doors on June 30, 2018. They have moved to a new platform called Mix.com.

I know there are a lot of people that were pretty bummed about it too. I noticed a decline in my visitor count, but after I checked my analytics, it wasn’t such a big deal.
Why’s that you ask? Well, here’s what I noticed about my StumbleUpon visitors…

  1. The Bounce Rate was very high. As a refresher, Bounce Rate is the percent of visitors who come to your page then leave. They do not interact with your site and only view the one page. Basically, they click in, then click out.
  2. The other thing I noticed was that the Time On Page or Secession Duration was VERY LOW. The visitor from StumbleUpon was on my page for less than 10 seconds!

So what does all that mean? It means that the visitor from StumbleUpon was just clicking through web pages until they found something that interested them.
Even though the numbers were great, the quality of the visit was low. Sure you got the click, but no interaction.
I’d rather have 100 visitors that interacted with my site than 1,000 people that come in and bounce out.

Remember, it’s not the number of visitors to your site that is important. It’s the quality of the visit that counts.

Well, guys, that was Frustration Number 3. We can scratch that one off of the list.

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