Well everyone, here we are, What is Your Biggest Frustration When it Comes to Blogging? Frustration Number 1!!

Just to recap:

Frustration Number 5: Writing that epic blog post and no one comments.

Frustration Number 4: Overcoming writer’s block.

Frustration Number 3: StumbleUpon: Its the quality of the visit that is important, not the number of visitors.

Frustration Number 2: How do I promote my website for free?

Today we are on to Frustration Number 1!!!

How Do I Get Organic Traffic to My Website?

We drive traffic to our websites in two different ways, organic and non-organic traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic or a webpage visitor that used a search engine to search for a particular topic and your webpage showed up in the results.

How Do I Get Organic Traffic to My Website?

Non-organic traffic is traffic that we direct to our website site. We can do this through the social media or through paid traffic.

Organic traffic, it’s like the holy grail for bloggers. The gold medal in blogging.

So how do you get Google to notice your website? How do I get Organic traffic to my site?

The three main factors that Google uses to rank a webpage are:
Domain Age
Domain Authority
Domain Content

If you want to get all nerded up, here is a page that lists the factors that Google uses to rank a webpage.


Domain Age is how long your page has been indexed by Google. There is really no way around this except for time. You can purchase an older domain name at an auction or clearinghouse, but that is outside the scope of this post.

Domain Authority is about how many other pages link back to your website. This is something that you can control by guest posting with other sites, posting a link to your site on other sites such as blogger.com, pinterest.com, and mix.com.

Domain Content is 100% under our control and I feel that it is partially the reason why my site has been so successful. I generate lots of content, written and video, around blogging, social media, small business, and writing.

Create content that fills a need. Sit down and ask yourself, what are the biggest problems that your readers are having in your niche?
Then write blog posts to answer those questions.

Write content for your readers. Google is looking for well-written, easy to understand content. They do not want to see a webpage or blog post stuffed with keywords. They want to see the content written for the reader and not the Google bots.

Check your grammar and spelling. Make sure that your post is well written and that there are no grammar mistakes or spelling errors. If grammar and spelling are not your strong point, then you can try a free online tool called Grammarly. And yes, I use it all the time.

Post consistently. Get a calendar and schedule your posts for the upcoming weeks. You don’t have to schedule too far out, but at least keep it updated one month out.

Use keywords in the title of your post and your URL.  Use real URLs. There is a feature in WordPress that uses the day, date, and year for the blog post URL. Don’t do that. It would look like mydomain.com/04/04/2018 and mean nothing to your reader or to the Google bots. If you are writing a blog post on SEO then try, mydomain.com/seo-blogging-tips. That URL is meaningful to your reader and to the bots.

I hope these tips help you to start driving organic traffic to your website. The main thing to take away from this post is that in order to get Google to notice you and to drive organic traffic to your site, you have to create consistent, quality content that answers your reader’s question.

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