What are the advantages of free web hosting versus paid web hosting?

What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? There are many people creating successful blogs on either platform. I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference. Or is it? Maybe the writer is only interested in writing to fulfill their need to write. Maybe you want to make some money with your blog. Each platform has their advantages.

So what are the advantages of choosing free web hosting and paid web hosting? Keep reading and I’ll show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Free Blog Hosting

Free blog hosting can be described as using the service provided by a blogging platform without paying for it. You can start your own blog simply by creating a free account. WordPress.com and blogger.com are two of the most popular platforms for free blog hosting. For this type of blog hosting, you need to consider its advantages and disadvantages before you decide which of them to use.

Advantages of Free Blog Hosting

  • It requires no cost to startup

The fascinating advantages of using a free blog hosting is that you don’t have to pay money to start creating your own blog.

  • Start writing of articles immediately

Once you create a free account, you can start writing your first blog article immediately. Though you may desire to design your blog to make it look more appealing to the readers, there is usually a ready-to-use theme on free blogging platforms.

  • There are a number of free themes/templates to select from

If you want your blog to stand out among others, you must create your own blog design. There are quite a number of ready-to-use free themes and templates provided by this blogging platform. This reduces the stress and burden of coming up with a unique design especially when you are not very creative.

  • It is good for bloggers that are beginners

If you just want to experience or try publishing a blog or still exploring the blogging world, a free blogging platform is a good start for you. You can learn few things on your free blog hosting website and it will be a very good training ground for gaining experience and working on your blogging skills. You can take your time to learn the tactics and best practices in writing blogs while doing it at no cost.

Disadvantages of Free Blog Hosting

  • You will have to use a subdomain

You can create a free blog from any free blogging platforms, but you will have to use a subdomain. Your visitors can access your blog only by using this format; yourblogtitle.blogger.com or yourblogtitle.wordpress.com. Although most free blogging platforms allow you to buy and use your own domain, for those who are not really planning to make most out of their blog, a subdomain is usually acceptable. But for bloggers who really want to turn it into their brand or make something meaningful out of it, they must have a domain.

  • It is less professional

The brand of the blog providers is always somewhere on your free blog website. Until you pay for the premium version, most of these branded texts or images cannot be removed. The brand of the free blog provider presents in your blog especially on your URL will make your blog look unprofessional. People are more likely to prefer a blog with their own domain names over those who use a subdomain. Having your own domain name will make your blog website appear more credible, trustworthy and professional.

  • Limitations on choices

A free blog account is of a limited capability. There are limited choices for free themes or templates that are available. Most free blogging platforms will not allow you to edit/customize the design of your blog and some will not allow you to install plugins that will make your blog look more appealing and professional.

  • Limits on memory space

Your memory space will be limited. This may not be obvious in the first instance but once you reach your space limit, you will have no choice than to either delete some of your articles or get a paid blog hosting which has a higher memory space.

Paid Blog Hosting

Paid blog hosting, on the contrary, requires a monetary investment. Getting a shared hosting account is the most popular choice made by bloggers. There are several web hosting companies that have packaged plans specifically for bloggers. However, you will still need to design your blog. Some people will hire professional website designers, but the price range of each web designer differs from each other and it will surely add to the cost of investment. There are also web design companies that offer a complete package of the blog set up, hosting and design.

Before you make a choice of investing your money in a paid blog hosting, here are some things to consider.

Advantages of Paid Blog Hosting

  • You will have your own domain

In building a brand of your blog, a very powerful tool required is having your own domain on your blog. A blog with its own domain name appears more trustworthy, credible and professional. This is very important especially for blogs that target a niche in the professional services industry.

  • Full control over your blog

You can get to choose what type of CMS or blogging platform you want to use and decide what functions you want to add, what themes you want to use, what plugins you want to install and a lot more. Most paid blog hosting providers will give you little or no limitations on your own blog website and this helps you gain full control over your blog.

  • Makes you a leader in your niche

If you aspire to build a brand and plan to make money from your blog, you must position yourself as a leader in your chosen niche. Having a professionally designed blog that goes well with your niche will make you a leader with credibility.

  • Creates brand recognition

People will immediately recognize and identify your brand once you have your own domain. There are paid blog hosting providers that offer a whole package from website design to hosting and maintenance support. If you choose the right provider, you can request to design your website based on your brand image. A well-designed blog will help you build your brand image in your niche.

  • Search Engine Optimization

There will be a significant improvement in your search engine ranking when you have your own domain name. Ranking your website on search engines is very important. Creating a blog that is not visible on the search engine is of no use. There are blog hosting providers that offer search engine optimization in their package. You must know how to use basic On-page SEO on your articles as this will help place your article on a higher rank on search engines.

Disadvantages of Paid Blog Hosting

  • Investment is required

Monetary investment is required to make this possible, but it will surely lessen your work. You don’t have to study any technical kinds of stuff for your blog; you will totally focus on writing and developing your articles for the blog. Your paid blog hosting provider will handle it all. Most of the time, you will have to pay for a one-time fee for web design and development, and a yearly payment for your domain and hosting. It is just a little investment that will yield a great result if you really stay focused.

  • It can be intimidating as a new blogger

New bloggers can easily be intimidated. You could question the rationality in spending money to start a blog when you can have one for free.

I guess the choice is yours. You’ll have to decide why you want to start a blog and what your end goal is. If its to write every day because it fulfills your need to write then a free website will be perfect for you. But if you are wanting to build a brand and make some money on the side, then a paid website will be the better route.

It all really depends on what the final outcome of your website will be, so the choice is yours…
Let me know in the comments which platform you choose and why? I’d enjoy hearing why and how you are utilizing it.

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