I found this website called worldometers.info and they have a counter that shows how many blog posts are written and published today in real time.

It is 12:05 PM here in the Midwest and the counter is at 2,722,601 and counting. No matter how you look at it that’s a ton of blog post! Way too many for me to read in one day, even in one lifetime… With that many posts published each day, how many blogs are actually on the internet???

A lot. It is estimated that there are roughly 164 million blogs on the internet.
And of all of the blogs that are started this year, 99% will fail. Why?

  1. We don’t take blogging seriously.
    This is really a full-time job. For my day job, I work 40 hours a week plus 10 hours driving time. Then I go home and on nights and weekends, I create the content, newsletter, website, and other stuff. I probably spend another 40 hours a week working on my blog.
  2. We try to do too many things at once.
    We get excited about our new project, our new blog, or our new website and we jump in with both feet, quickly getting in too deep. Take it slow and pick one or two tasks and perfect them. Well, get at it. For instance, pick blogging and Twitter. Write your new blog post and start using twitter to drive traffic to your site. It’s not about doing it, it’s about learning how to do it right.
  3. We are not sure what to do next.
    There are a bunch of people willing to help. All you have to do is ask.
    I am here to help you on your blogging journey. Through my newsletter, through the content on my blog, and my social media interactions and through my eBook, I hope to give you what you need so you can continue down your blogging path to success.
  4. We are not writing engaging content.
    If it bores you to write it, then it will bore your readers to read it.
    No one wants to read crap. We want to be entertained, informed, or enlightened. Be sure that what you are writing is what your followers are wanting to read.
    If you are on Twitter, use the poll option to ask your followers what type of post they would be interested in reading. My Tweeps are interested in social media and SEO. So that is what I concentrate on.
  1. We are not promoting ourselves.
    It’s not like the movie A Field of Dreams, if you build it (or write it) they will come (and read it). Sorry. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if nobody knows it is out there, then no one will read it.
    Start with social media. Build a following, engage with your readers.
    My favorite social platform is Twitter and you all know that. I feel it is great for bloggers. It’s fast paced and there are a gazillion people there. If you’re interested in building up your Twitter followers, check out this post.

Building a successful blog is not easy.
It takes time and dedication to build a subscriber base.
It takes time to build a social media following.
It takes time to build the trust it takes to convert someone from a reader to a raving fan.
You cannot do this overnight.

Stay focused and concentrate on one or two small goals. Write engaging content and interact with your social media followers. And if you get stuck, ask for help. Don’t throw your hands up and give up.

But most of all, believe in yourself. Like I always tell my daughters, positive thoughts bring positive results.

To your success.