Kid on bikeYou ordered those business cards with all of the greatest intentions. Now they are just sitting there on a shelf. Isn’t it finally time to do something with them? Here are five fun ideas to put your business cards to use.

1. You can put them in the spokes of your bike to make that “realistic engine sound” that you loved so much as a kid.
2. You can build a House of Business Cards.
3. You can throw them like Ninja Death Stars.
4. You can let your kids play with them. They can hand them out to their friends and pretend that they are in business.

Last not but least…

5. You can attend a networking event. These events are a great place to make business contacts and are a great place to grow your business. Use your business cards like they were originally intended to be used.

Check out LinkedIn for networking groups or search the internet for meet-ups in your area.

For those of you in the bigger cities, check out the national networking group, Network After Work. You can also check out
Make it a goal to attend one networking event within the next six months, better yet, three months would be better!

You can always find more great stuff on Twitter.

To your success.