Guest posts are a great way to gain exposure and to gain new readers.

Guest posts are a great way to gain exposure and to gain new readers.

Writing a guest post is more than getting a new backlink to your website. It’s a great opportunity to grow your following and to showcase your talent. I encourage everyone to start guest posting on a regular basis. Yes, on top of your current writing schedule.

Everyone knows that writing a guest post is important, so where do you find places to submit a guest post?

If you want to look on your own for guest post opportunities, head over to Google and run a Google search for:

blogs accepting guest posts

travel blogs accepting guest posts

pet blogs accepting guest posts

business blogs accepting guest post

That’s enough I guess, you see how it’s done.

Here’s are some places that you can check out for possible guest post opportunities:

Blogging –

Marketing, SEO, Technology –

Sports –

Travel –

Travel –

Travel –

Web Design –

Here are a couple list sites to check out too.

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