No matter what type of website you own, there are certain aspects of it you can’t ignore. Well, you can ignore them, but you shouldn’t if you want to own a successful site! In this post, I’m going to run through a checklist of all the essential things your website needs to have.


Responsive Design

I was going to just put good web design down on this list, but that’s not actually an essential thing. While having a well-designed site is definitely very important, the essential thing is that the design is responsive. This means it looks good on various different viewing platforms. When people use their mobile devices, they should be greeted with a website that’s designed for that platform and looks/functions properly. So, as well as ensuring it’s visually up to scratch, your site needs to work on other devices too.


Good Optimization For Search Engines

Search engines a like a busy high street with loads of people walking up and down it every day. Your website is like one of the shops on this street, keen to get people to have a look inside. The only way you’ll get noticed by all the people that navigate search engines is if you have good SEO. This means that your site ranks well in search engines, and will be easily noticed before many of your rivals. I won’t go into detail about how you improve your search engine optimization, all I’ll say is that the best starting point is an audit to see how good your SEO actually is.


A Relevant Domain Name

The domain name of your site is basically the keyway people identify with it. They see the name, and they know what to expect. Which is why it’s so important that you use a relevant domain name. For example, the domain name for this site is because Dan Swords is my name. It’s relevant to the site, but imagine if my domain name was something random like Aside from the fact that it’s pretty weird, that was the first thing to pop into my head, it’s also not relevant to this site at all. This isn’t a Harry Potter blog, so people would click on my site expecting something and not getting it. Websites need to have relevant domain names to help people identify with the site, and also to strengthen your brand.



Simply put; every website needs content in some way, shape, or form. Whether it’s just general copy for web pages or full-length blog posts; you need content. Content is ultimately what draws people to your site and will help with the aforementioned search engine optimization. A website without good, engaging content is nothing. No one will visit it, and in the rare case someone does, they won’t stay for long.

Your website isn’t complete unless you’ve got everything on this list ticked off. These four things form the core foundations of every successful website, get them right, and you can build upwards from there.  


*This is a contributed post.